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Editing Character Sheet: You can find and edit your Advantage die near the top of the first page next to the box for Initiative.
Table: Advantage Die Levels
Die Level
1d2 Level 1
1d4 Level 2
1d6 Level 3
1d8 Level 4
1d10 Level 5
1d12 Level 6
2d8 Level 7
2d10 Level 8
2d12 Level 9

Sometimes a Character will find themselves in a situation that makes performing a task easier or harder. For example, aiming at a target that is Entangled gives the person an advantage to there accuracy check. However, trying to hit a target that has an ultra-bright flood light behind them would give the shooter a disadvantage. Advantage or disadvantage can be associated with an action to attack an opponent or apply to skill checks and saving throws. The most common use of Advantage is when a Player rolls an accuracy check with a weapon that a Character has proficiency with.

An Advantage or Disadvantage is shown by adding or subtracting from a d20 roll. The +/- is determined by rolling an Advantage die. So whenever a Character has an Advantage or Disadvantage the Player rolls 1d20 +/- Advantage Die + (Other normal modifiers).

All Characters have an Advantage Die they can roll in these situations that represent a boost or detractor from there chances of success. When Characters level up so does the Advantage Die. The die levels are based on a Character's Path. At level 1 all Characters start out with a d2 Advantage Die. Advantage Die has levels as shown in the table to the right. Advantage Die can even be two actual dice at higher levels. IE: 2d8.

Advantages and Disadvantages stack so if a Character gains more then one Advantage then they gain more Advantage Die. The maximum amount of additional die is 3. A high-level Advantage Die of 2dX is considered 1 Die or a single set of dice and thus only counts once against the maximum 3 dice. The same goes for Skill Rank Die. If a Character has to roll more then 3 Dis-Advantage Die in order to perform an action then they cannot even try to perform the action.

Advantages and Disadvantages cancel each other out. So if a Character has both an Advantage due to flanking and a Disadvantage due to being Shaken then she doesn't roll any Advantage Dice.

There are all sorts of times an Advantage or Disadvantage may apply. The Combat rules notes examples. Many different conditions can affect a Characters Advantage. Also many items in the General Equipment page provide bonuses or negate Disadvantages. Lastly, some Talents or Feats can affect a Character Advantage.

Note: The 'shorthand' for Advantage Die is XAd. Example: 1d20 + 1Ad + Modifiers.