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Armor is used to help protect a Character. The primary attribute of Armor is its AC Bonus. AC stands for Armor Class and is the number an attacker has to beat in an accuracy check in order to roll for damage. However just like weapons Armor has multiple attributes and they can all be customized using Customization points.

Editing Character Sheet: The box to record AC is located on the first page below the Character Attributes section. It is a combination of 10 + Armor + Shield + Dexterity Mod + Size + Natural Armor +Misc Mod.

You can skip to the Armor Examples section if you want a quick list of armor to choose from. The first section is a focus on personal body armor and not Power Armor or full body mechanic suites. Power Armor is any Armor that provides an AC bonus of +10 or more and will be explained in detail in the Power Armor section at the bottom of this page.

Armor Tech Levels

Tech level also has an important roll to play in Armor. It decides how many Customization points can be spent and the maximum AC bonus Armor can provide among other things. The table to the left shows off what each Tech Level means for Armor.

Table: Armor Tech Levels
Tech Levels Level Limit
Max AC Bonus
Max # of Customization/
Bonus Customization Points
Finial Cost
Procure Diff
Level 0 +5 1/0 +$0 +1
Level 1 +6 2/0 +$0 +0
Level 2 +7 3/1 +$250 +0
Level 3 +8 4/2 +$1000 +1
Level 4 +9 5/3 +$3000 +1
Tech Levels
This is the Tech Level. The higher the Tech Level the better the armor can be.
Max AC Bonus
This is the maximum amount of AC or DR that the Armor of that Tech Level can have.
Max # Customization/Bonus Customization
The first number is the number of positive customization the Armor can have. The second number is the amount of free customization points that the Armor has because of its tech level. IE: Tech level 2 can have a maximum of 3 positive customizations done too it (not including Mastworking) and gets one free customization point.
Extra Base Cost
This is the extra cost to the armor if you declare that it is that tech level. So if you declare the armor is Tech level 2 you add $250 too the total price once all customizations are also counted for.
Extra Procure Diff
This is the increase in how difficult it is to acquire the armor if it is of that tech level.

Armor and Attributes

Table: Armor and its Default Attributes By AC Bonus
Armor AC
Maximum Dex
Speed Diff Average Weight
(Tech 2)
Average Cost
Procure Diff
+ 0 +9 Normal 0.25 lbs $10/+0
+ 1 +8 Normal 10 lbs $150/+0
+ 2 +7 Normal 15 lbs $350/+0
+ 3 +6 Normal 20 lbs $1,000/+0
+ 4 +5 - 10ft 25 lbs $2,200/+0
+ 5 +4 - 10ft 30 lbs $4,500/+0
+ 6 +3 - 10ft 35 lbs $9,000/+1
+ 7 +2 Halved 40 lbs $18,000/+1
+ 8 +1 Halved 45 lbs $30,000/+2
+ 9 +0 Halved 50 lbs $55,000/+2
Armor AC Bonus (Armor Level)
The Armor AC Bonus is is the bonus this armor gives too the wearer. This Bonus can also be traded for Damage Reduction (DR).
Trading DR: If the AC bonus is +2 the Armor could either have +2 AC, +1 Total DR or +1 AC and +2 (Damage Type)DR. Every 2 AC is equal too 1 Total DR or every 1 AC equal too 2 DR for a specific Damage Type. IE: DR(Electronic). The exception however is for the Kinetic damage type. Every odd AC bonus provides +1 (Kinetic)DR while every other AC bonus sacrificed provides +2 DR(Kinetic). This is because Kinetic is the most common damage type and also the most difficult to protect against. Learn more in the Description of Customization Attributes section under 'DR Bonus'.
Armor AC Bonus also directly relates to the Level of the Armor and thus the required Armor Proficiency Level the Character must have to use it. This stays true regardless if AC is traded out for DR or other things.
Maximum Dex Bonus
As the Armor gets stronger at protecting the wearer the person looses the ability to apply some of their Dexterity Mod to their AC. If they have +6 Armor and their Dexterity modifier is +4 then they cannot add all 4 points of Dexterity Mod too their AC. They can only add +3.
Speed Diff
The bigger the Armor the harder it is to move around in it. This reduces the characters movement. This includes when attempting to sprint/swim/climb.
Average Weight
This average weight is the average weight of the Armor if it was built by technology from a Tech 2 civilization. The lower the tech level the heaver the armor and the higher the tech level the lighter the armor. +0 Armor is unaffected by this. Tech Level 1 Armor add an additional 5 lbs on each weight. Tech Level 3 take away 5 lbs and Tech Level 4 take away another 5 lbs. This makes +1 armor weight 0.25 lbs instead of zero. The lowest weight is 0.25. Anything 40 lbs or heaver is considered 'Heavy'.
Average Cost/Procure Diff
This is the average cost of the armor before you add in the price for the tech level and the procure difficulty.

Armor Examples

Table: Example Armor
Armor AC / DR /
(Max Dex)
Speed Diff Average Weight
(Tech 2)
Average Cost
Procure Diff
Bonus Attributes
Tech Level 0
Padded Armor +1/0/(+8) 2 Normal 20 lbs $150/1 -
Leather Armor +2/0/(+7) 3 Normal 25 lbs $350/1 -
Wooden +3/0/(+6) 3 -10ft 30 lbs $1,500/1 Protection Against Grapple +4
Studded Leather +3/1(K)/(+5) 4 -10ft 35 lbs $3,300/1 -
Chain Armor +4/0/(+5) 5 -10ft 35 lbs $4,500/1 -
Full Plate +5/2(K)/(+4) 6 Halved 40 lbs $9,000/1 Clumsy
Armor AC / DR /
(Max Dex)
Speed Diff Average Weight
(Tech 2)
Average Cost
Procure Diff
Bonus Attributes
Tech Level 1
Gilly Suit +0/0/(+8) 1 Normal 0.25 lbs $160/0 Stealth Assist +1
Basic Light Armor +1/0/(+8) 1 Normal 15 lbs $150/0 -
Ballistic Vest +0/1(Total)/(+7) 2 Normal 20 lbs $350/0 -
Hazard Suit +0/4(C)/(+7) 2 Normal 20 lbs $350/0 -
Hybrid Vest +1/1/(+6) 3 Normal 25 lbs $1,000/0 -
Kevlar Vest +2/1(K)/(+6) 3 Normal 25 lbs $1,500/0 -
Tactical Body Armor +4/0/(+5) 4 -10 ft 30 lbs $2,200/0 -
Full Riot Gear +5/0/(+4) 5 -10ft 35 lbs $4,500/0 -
Full Tactical Armor +6/0/(+3) 6 -10ft 40lbs $9,000/1 -
Armor AC / DR /
(Max Dex)
Speed Diff Average Weight
(Tech 2)
Average Cost
Procure Diff
Bonus Attributes
Tech Level 2
Improved Light Armor +2/0/(+7) 2 Normal 15 lbs $600/0 -
Improved Hazard Suit +0/6(C)/(+7) 2 Normal 20 lbs $775/0 -
Improved Ballistic Vest 0/2(Total)/(+6) 3 Normal 20 lbs $1,750/0 -
Stealth Suit +1/2(T)/(+6) 3 Normal 20 lbs $1,750/0 Stealth Assist +2
Basic Regeneration Suit +3/0/(+5) 4 -10ft 30 lbs $4,650/1 Regeneration +2
Mounted Medium Armor +4/0/(+5) 4 -10ft 25 lbs $3,550/0 Weapon Mount
Improved Medium Armor +5/0/(+4) 5 -10ft 25 lbs $2,950/0 -
Improved Hybrid Vest +2/2/(+4) 5 -10ft 25 lbs $4,750/0 -
Grounded Armor +3/6(E)/(+4) 5 -10ft 25 lbs $6,950/0 -
Thermal Plated Armor +4/6(T)/(+3) 6 -10ft 35 lbs $14,750/1 -
Hybrid Tactical Armor +3/2(Total)/(+3) 6 -10ft 35 lbs $14,750/1 Protection Against Overrun +4
Enhanced Steal Plating +6/1(K)/(+3) 6 -10ft 35 lbs $14,750/1 -
Improved Heavy Armor +7/0/(+2) 7 Halved 40 lbs $18,250/1 -
Full Printed Steal +5/2(Total)/(+2) 7 Halved 40 lbs $27,250/1 -
Armor AC / DR /
(Max Dex)
Speed Diff Average Weight
(Tech 2)
Average Cost
Procure Diff
Bonus Attributes
Tech Level 3
Advanced Light Armor +2/0/(+7) 2 Normal 10 lbs $1,350/1 -
Nano Mesh Shirt +0/1(Total)/(+7) 2 Normal 10 lbs $1,525/1 Shirt
Nano Mesh Stealth Shirt +1/0/(+7) 2 Normal 10 lbs $1,525/1 Shirt, Stealth Assist +3
Advanced Hazard Suit +1/6(C)/(+6) 3 Normal 15 lbs $2,000/0 -
Nano Mesh Regen Shirt +1/0/(+7) 3 Normal 0.25 lbs $2,050/2 Exotic, Shirt, Regeneration +3
Responsive Armor +3/0/(+6) 3 Normal 15 lbs $3,000/1 Protection Against Trip +6
Advanced Ballistic Vest 0/3(Total)/(+5) 4 Normal 20 lbs $5,400/0 -
Advanced Mounted Armor +5/0/(+4) 5 Normal 20 lbs $10,000/1 Weapon Mount
Advanced Medium Armor +5/0/(+4) 5 -10ft 25 lbs $5,500/1 -
Regeneration Suit +4/0/(+4) 6 -10ft 20 lbs $19,000/2 Exotic, Regeneration +3
Shielded Suit +0/5(Total)/(+3) 6 Halved 30 lbs $14,500/1 -
Advanced Hybrid Vest +3/3/(+2) 7 -10ft 35 lbs $19,000/1 -
Advanced Heavy Armor +7/0/(+2) 7 -10ft 35 lbs $21,600/2 -
Shielded Hybrid Plating +4/3(Total)/(+1) 8 Halved 40 lbs $18,000/2 -
Full Nano-Mesh Shielded Suit +8/1(Total)/(+1) 8 Halved 40 lbs $45,000/3 -
Armor AC / DR /
(Max Dex)
Speed Diff Average Weight
(Tech 2)
Average Cost
Procure Diff
Bonus Attributes
Tech Level 4
Cloak Suit +0/0/(+8) 1 Normal 5 lbs $3,450/1 Stealth Assist +4
Superior Hazard Suit +2/8(C)/(+6) 3 Normal 10 lbs $4,000/0 -
Hyper Reactive Regen Shirt +1/0/(+6) 4 Normal 5 Lbs $9,000/2 Shirt, Exotic, Regeneration +5
Superior Ballistic Vest 0/4(Total)/(+4) 5 Normal 20 lbs $12,000/1 -
Superior Mounted Armor +6/0/(+4) 6 -10ft 25 lbs $22,000/2 Weapon Mount
Superior Hybrid Vest +4/4/(+0) 9 Halved 40 lbs $58,000/2 -
Enhanced Shielded Hybrid Plating +7/2(Total)/(+0) 9 -10ft 40 lbs $63,000/3 -
Full Infinity Armor +9/1(Total)/(+1) 10 Halved 50 lbs $113,000/3 Clumsy

Customization Armor

In Future Path the player can create there own customized armor just like in Weapons. Follow the recommendations bellow to help build custom Armor.

  • When choosing Armor a Player must consider if there Character class has any Armor restrictions and what there Armor Proficiency Level is.
  • The Player should consider what Tech level the Armor can be. The Tech level can increase the price and the procure difficulty. A Character cannot craft or modify Armor that has a higher tech level.
  • The Player should consider the cost. The more customization points spent on the default Armor the higher the cost. For every customization on the armor that's an additional 1/2 starting price to the total. For example: +3 AC armor has a starting price of $1,000. So for each customization it increases the total cost of the armor by an additional $500. The only exception to the rule is for AC 0 Armor. For every customization point its an additional $75.
  • The Player should also consider if they can craft the Armor as Masterworked which both increases the price but also can provide bonus customization points. For every +1 in masterwork the Armor can gain either +1 customization point or +1 to Max number of allowed positive customizations.

To customize the Armor the player can first spend base points provided by the Tech level if any. Starting at Tech 2 Armor gets 1 free customization point. Then they can add additional customizations by taking negatives in attributes to earn negative points. Two negative points can make 1 customization point. Some negative changes yield different things and some things cost more. For a full list of rules you can review the attributes below.

To customize the Armor the Player should following these steps.

  1. Pick the Tech Level for your Armor.
  2. Pick the Armor AC Bonus/Level. And record the default values.
  3. Note out how many free Customization points and allowed Customizations the Armor gets according too the Tech Level. This can be found in the 3 column of the 'Armor Tech Levels' table at the top of this page.
  4. Determine if the Armor will be Masterworked and at what level.
  5. Now trade out any AC Bonus for DR that you may want. You can follow the rules noted in the Armor AC Bonus (Armor Level) part of Armor and Attributes.
  6. Now spend your free Customization points provided by the Tech Level if any.
  7. Now spend any Masterwork Customization points if any.
  8. Now if the Armor has not spent all its allotted number of positive Customizations then if you desire you can take negatives to attributes to yield Negative points. For every 2 Negative points you gain 1 Customization point that you can spend to further customize the armor.
    1. NOTE: The last 3 sections are actually not necessary. You can craft Armor and then in the future Modify it using a Crafting skill or rollplaying going to a shop to have an NPC do the work. However once an Armor has been crafted it can not be 'recrafted' to a higher Tech level or Masterworked level.
  9. Now you need to calculate the price. Take the Average Cost from the Armor and its Default Attributes By AC Bonus table. That is now your Base Cost. Take that 50% of that Base cost and now that is your Customization Cost. Now for every positive Customization done to the Armor add 1 Customization Cost to the Base Cost. There are some Customizations that cost different. Once you have your total add any additional costs for the Tech level.

Please review the Customization Attributes for a full description of what they do and how much Customization/Negative points they cost and/or yield.

Description of Customization Attributes

Besides the default values from the table above a Player can customize other attributes of the Armor. Below is a list of all attributes that can be customized:

1 Customization point is worth 2 Negative points and vice-a-versa. Normally an improvement costs 1 Customization point and a diminishment yields 1 Negative point. Most things will say they cost X number of Customization points. However somethings say they cost Negative Points. Customization and Negative points are freely interchangeable.
  • AC Bonus:
Player can adjust the AC Bonus of the Armor.
You cannot spend points increasing AC level. Simply pick a higher level Armor. You can however take a negative too this. This instantly yields 2 negative points instead of one. This doesn't decrease the cost of the armor.
  • DR Bonus:
This provides Damage reduction to Armor for different types of attacks.
DR stands for Damage Reduction. This adds a bonus DR against either all damage types or one specific damage type. There are 4 damage types. Chemical / Electric / Kinetic / Thermal.

You can gain DR by directly trading it for AC. (Review the Armor AC Bonus (Armor Level) section under Armor and Attributes) Or you can buy it using Negative points directly. Total DR (DR against all damage types) cost 4 Negative points. Chemical/Electric/Thermal DR costs 1 Negative point. Kinetic DR costs 2 Negative points for odd numbers and 3 Negative points for even. Example: You have zero Kinetic so your first buy is 2 Negative points because 1 is an odd number. However you want 2 Kinetic DR so your next buy will bring you from 1 too 2 costing you 3 Negative points.

  • Maximum Dex:
Player can adjust the maximum Dex bonus the Character gets while using the Armor.
This cost 2 customization points. It can increase the max Dex by 1. If a negative is taken it yields 1 negative point. This can only be improved once.
  • Speed Diff:
Player can adjust the speed penalty for wearing armor.
This costs a single Customization point. It can increase the speed to the next higher amount. The speeds are (Normal/-10ft/Halved). Decreasing the speed yields a negative point. Decreasing it below 'Halved' simply take another -5ft off and make the armor Clumsy. You can only change this attribute once. The Weight can also effect Speed Diff this can be used to revert the negative side effect.
  • Weight:
The Weight and thus clumsiness of the armor.
Weight is tricky. The weight in the table is based on Tech 2 level. The lower the level the higher the weight where as the higher the level the lower the weight. Each increment either way is an increase/decrease of 5lbs. (Starting with AC +1 Armor, +0 doesn't count). At Tech 0 level the Armor at +1 weighs in at 20lbs and +9 weighs in at 60lbs. You cannot lower the weight any lower then the lowest being 0.25lbs but you can increase it above 60lbs. The Weight can determine the Speed Diff. This means that if you lower the weight of an Tech 2 item from 25 lbs to 20 lbs that means the Speed diff goes from -10ft to Normal. It also means that Tech 3 Level 4 armor weight is 20 lbs and thus has Normal Speed Diff. If you increase the weight more then once then the armor gains the Clumsy attribute. You cannot increase the weight more then 3 times.

Weight costs 1 Customization point. An increase in Weight yields 1 Negative point.

  • Special Attributes:
A list of special attributes that can be applied to armor.
There is multi special attributes that can be applied to armor. There are rules governing them each.
Protection against Combat Techniques: Cost: 1 customization point. Advantage: Can provide a +4 AC bonus to guard against a single type of Combat Technique or Advanced Combat Technique. This Special Attribute can be taken multi times and stack by providing an additional +2 for each additional time.. However it can only be picked for one type of combat Technique.
Regeneration: Cost: 1 customization point. Pre-req: Requires at lest Tech level 2. Maximum amount of times the Player can choose this item is based on the tech level. Level 2/twice/Level 3/3 times and so on. If Armor has Regen then it gains a +1 to procure diff. Advantages: For every 1 customization point spent the Armor gains a +1 to regen the wearers HP once per turn. Makes the item Exotic with all price changes. Each point spent on Regen is double the extra cost. Regeneration can be picked more times then the Tech Level restriction but to do so costs 2 customization points instead of one and the cost is triple. There is no limit after that. In order to regenerate the Armor had to use Pharmaceutics as ammunition. Each cartage of pharmaceutics is worth 10 rounds of use. Once used up the cartage will need to be reloaded which is a standard action. The Pharmaceutics costs the price of special large ammunition.
Stealth Assist: Cost: 1 customization point. This can only be used the same number of times as the Tech Level of the Armor. Each time this customization is acquired it provided a +1 bonus to Stealth skill checks.
Weapon Mount: Cost: 1 customization point. This can only be used once. It allows for a non-Heavy Weapon to be mounted onto the armor and controlled thru a switch can be easily accessible. This secondary weapon acts like an off hand weapon and can be used as a Bonus action. If the Player already has an off-handed weapon then this acts as bonus damage for that weapon.
Shirt: Cost: 0 customization points. This can simply be declared. However the Armor cannot provide an AC bonus of more then +1 or a DR bonus of more then +5. Also the Armor cannot be Clumsy or have a Weapon Mount. The Armor has to be Tech 1 or higher. Even though this isn't a customization the price is increased as if you gave it one. The Armor can be worn as a shirt and can be easily hidden as part of a disguise. It can also be warn under other Armor however it's AC bonus if any does not stack. DR stacks however.
Exotic: Cost: Free this is a requirement of certain customizations. The base cost of the item goes up a level and with it the cost of all the customizations. If the armor is AC +9 then its simply double the cost. Increased the required Skill level by 1
Clumsy: Cost: Free as this is earned by changing the Speed below Halved or by increasing the weight of the armor to 60 lbs or higher. Clumsy means that even if you are proficient with the armor the Character still takes disadvantage when doing tasks that are effected by wearing armor. Wearing Clumsy armor means that the Speed Diff can NEVER be higher then halved. Increased the required Skill level by 1

Crafting and Masterworked Armor

Crafting requires a Character have the Craft Structure Skill. The normal crafting rules for how long it takes and how expensive the materials are all the same. So is the rules for Masterwork crafting.

To summarize Masterwork crafting you have to have at least a skill rank of 3 and must also have Advanced build materials for that item. The maximum level of Masterworked Armor is +5 and each level provides either +1 to the Maximum Number of Customizations or +1 extra free Customization point. Remember that a Skill Craft Rank of 3 can only craft Masterworked +1 items. Skill Rank 4 can do +2 all the way to Skill Rank 7 which can do +5.

One exception to crafting structure rules is that you cannot collaborate and divided up the work on crafting armor.

Power Armor

Power Armor is advanced full body suits that provided powered assistance to the wearer. They can be completed and even dangerous too wield and thus require special training. In order for a Character to wear one they have to have at least 1 rank in the Power Armor Branch of the Proficiency Tree. In order to unlock the Power Armor Branch to put points in it the Character has to have the Power Armor Expert Feat.

Power Armor comes in 5 different Classes. Class E through A. E being the most low tech simple manufacturing and Class A being the most advanced technological build possible. The higher the Classification of the build the more advanced the Civilization has to be. So Tech 2 Civilizations can build Class E and D. While Tech 3 can build C and B and Tech 4 can build A.

All Power Armor by default provides a +4 Strength Mod bonus and an AC bonus of +5 and negates all possible Dexterity or Wisdom bonuses toward the wearers AC. However the Armor does come with 5 additional customization or Mods slots that can be filled. These mods can provide everything from massive AC boosts, DR, extra weapon mounts, too special abilities and so on.

Power Armor Types

There are different Power Armor Types which explain what they do and what there default attributes are. Each type also provides a special ability for the wearer.

Masterworked Suits provide an additional Mod slot however they cost double and gain an additional Procure Diff.

- Multipurpose Space Suit
Designed for all different kinds of long 'space walk' missions. From repairing to surveyor and on a variety of different environments. This suit is designed to defined against all the elements.
Special Abilities: Repair Assistant, Always On Monitor, Environmental Stabilizer
Cost/Procure Diff: $20,000/0
- Tactical Force Suit
Designed for small tactical special force teams to help with fast 'in and out' jobs. Stealth and Reliable Precision are always on the minds of the developers for Tactical Force Suits.
Special Abilities: Always On Monitor, Stealth Assistance +4, Co-operative Targeting
Cost/Procure Diff: $550,000/3
- Combat Suit
The generic military grade full body suit. Most counties have at least some need for these. They are multi purpose with a focus on protecting the wearer allowing them to stay in the fight.
Special Abilities: Armor Hardening, Shield Booster, Co-operative Targeting
Cost/Procure Diff: $425,000/2
- Recon Suit
Designed for past pace non-stop moving. When you need some insane person to dash out from an entrenched position either to get intel out to friends or find intel on the enemies its best to have that person in a Recon Suit.
Default Adjustments: Instead of +4 Strength Mod its +4 Dexterity Mod. Instead of an AC bonus of +4 it allows the character to use there full Dex Mod toward AC.
Special Abilities: Always On Monitor, Stealth Assistance +2, Rocket Pack, Speed Booster
Cost/Procure Diff: $500,000/2
- Support Suit
Here to lend a helping hand. The Support suit can carry tons of extra ammo, grenades, med packs, or any other such gear. They can also put up a good fight and come prepared to take a hit.
Special Abilities: Extra-Storage, Co-operative Targeting, Extra Armor
Cost/Procure Diff: $400,000/2
- Combat Harden Medical Suit
Designed to be able to get into the thick of things and save lives you are destined to become the crews favorite person. Just so long as you are cra.. BRAVE enough to do the job.
Special Abilities: Armor Hardening, Shield Booster, Medical Assistant
Cost/Procure Diff: $350,000/1

Power Armor Mods

Power Armor Modifications or Mods are based on the Classification or Class of the Armor. Which is indicated by a Grade. Class E is the lowest tier Armor while Class A is the highest tier. When buying Power Armor the Suit itself has a Class which can determine how well or how many of certain types of Mods work.

The higher the Class the higher the cost. All prices are based on Class E. Each Class is %50 more on top of the Base Class E price. So a $100,000 E Mod will cost $350,000 as an A Mod.

Below is a list of all the available Mods and there rules as well as what it means to have a Masterworked Mod.

- Reflective Armor
Class E and D provides a +1 AC bonus for each time used. Class C and B provides +1 for every use and an additional +1 for every other use of the Mod. Class A provides +2 for every use.
Masterworked: Cannot be Masterworked.
Cost/Procure Diff: $200,000/2
- Ablative Armor
Provides +20 Hit Points at Class E. Every class higher it provides an additional 2. So at Class A each Ablative Armor mod would provide 30 HP. Ablative Armor needs to be repaired to recover which takes time and Crafting Structure Rank 2.
Masterworked: Provides an additional +5 of HP
Cost/Procure Diff: $200,000/1
- Absorptive Armor
Class E and D provides 2 Total DR or 3 Kinetic DR or 4 DR for a specific Damage Type. Class C and B provides 3 Total DR or 4 Kinetic DR or 6 DR for a specific Damage Type. Class A provides 4 Total DR or 6 Kinetic Dr or 8 DR for a specific Damage Type.
Masterworked: Cannot be Masterworked.
Cost/Procure Diff: $200,000/1
- Regenerative Shielding
This is a shield that acts like a second skin and provides additional Hit Points like Ablative Armor. However it regenerates some of its Shields every turn. Provides +10 Hit Points at Class E. Every class higher it provides an additional 2. So at Class A it would provide up to 20 HP. For every Mod applied it regenerates +1 per turn for Class E thru C. B and A it regenerates +2 per turn.
Masterworked: Provides either +5 additional HP or +2 additional regen per turn.
Cost/Procure Diff: $200,000/2
- Shield Manipulator
This allows the wearer to turn the personal shield into a shield wall. Which can take up a 10x10ft surface area or any 2d shape that does not exceed that surface area. The end of the shield cannot go beyond 15ft of the suit. The shield only adsorbs damage from one direction. This can only be taken once.
Masterworked: Allows the shield to be 15x15ft and go up to 30ft from the suit.
Cost/Procure Diff: $100,000/1
- Weapon Mount
This allows the suit to have a weapon even a heavy weapon mounted onto itself. This can be taken twice but both weapons have to be non-heavy. The weapon acts fully autonomous like its own character. In combat it takes its turn with the wearer but does not take up the Wearers actions to use. Also it only has to do one accuracy check which counts for all weapons mounted on the suit.
Masterworked: Cannot be Masterworked.
Cost/Procure Diff: $100,000/2
- Skill Assist Mods
This provides a static Misc bonus to a skill of your choice by +2 for every mod used. The skills that can be 'Assisted' are as follows: Treat Injury, Stealth, Sleight of Hand, Perception, Intimidate, Escape Artist, Disable Device, Demolitions, Athletics, Acrobatics.
Masterworked: Provides a +3 instead of +2.
Cost/Procure Diff: $100,000/1
- Targeting Assist
This provides a static +1 to accuracy checks. It can only be used once and its improved by 1 for every Class grade higher. So for Class A this provides a +5 to accuracy checks.
Masterworked: This acts as if it is a grade higher then what it actually is. For Grade A Masterworked this means +6.
Cost/Procure Diff: $200,000/3
- Regenerative Healing
For Class E this provides a +2 to health back to the Wearer every turn. It provides an additional +2 for every grade higher so Class A would provide a +10 per turn.
Masterworked: This acts as if it is a grade higher then what it actually is. For Grade A Masterworked this means +12.
Cost/Procure Diff: $200,000/3
- Rocket Pack
This provides a booster pack that allows the person to make massive leaps into the air or control there movement in a vacuum. If taken twice the suit can carry a person and even fly or float semi-permantly. The amount of flight time is based on the Class level. 10 minutes for E and +10 minutes for every grade higher. This can be taken 3 times. One the third time the suit becomes space worthy on most low gravity planets (Mars as an example).
Masterworked: This allows the Rocket Pack act like it has one more pack attached. If The Suit has 3 masterworked packs then it is space-worthy under even high gravity conditions such as x2 gravity of Earth.
Cost/Procure Diff: $100,000/1
- Flex Mod
Refits of joints and motors of the base Suit so that it can become much more flexible. Allows up to +2 of the Wearers Dex Mod to now be used toward the total AC. This can only be applies once with Class E and for every grade higher one more time.
Masterworked: This changes the +2 to a +3.
Cost/Procure Diff: $200,000/3
- Neural Interface Mod
Allows the user to control every aspect of the Suit directly with there mind. No need for annoying HUD Interfaces the wearer's mind sees all. This lets the wearers apply up too +2 of there Wisdom Mod toward the total AC. This can only be used once at Class E. However every grade higher can fit one more.
Masterworked: This changes the +2 to a +3.
Cost/Procure Diff: $200,000/3
- Clocking
Allows the Suit to completely clock. By default you are not undetectable unless you move. Even smells are hidden. However if you move the default Perception Check DC is 25 for Class E and +5 for every grade higher. Also once you declock there is a cool down of 18 seconds or 6 turns. The cool down is 3 seconds less or 1 turn less for every grade higher.
Masterworked: This makes the clock act a grade higher then it already is. If Grade A then this makes the DC 50 however the cool down cannot go below 1 turn or 3 seconds. (Only a Tech 4 advanced or Tech 5 civ could have such tech)
Cost/Procure Diff: $300,000/2
- Storage Pack
Allows to store massive amounts of Volume and weight into what seams like a small space. Not easily accessible by the Wearer themselves but other players can access it. This can easily carry up to 100 lbs of stuff.
Masterworked: Cannot be Masterworked.
Cost/Procure Diff: $10,000/0
- Strength Boost
Allows for a boost in Strength Mod of +2 for every time this is taken. However this can only be taken once at Class E and one more time for every Grade higher.
Masterworked: Provides a +3 instead of a +2.
Cost/Procure Diff: $100,000/1
- Protection against Combat Techniques
Just like for Armor this provides protection against a specific type of Combat Technique. Class E provides +3 with an additional +1 for every Grade higher.
Masterworked: Provides +1 to the protection.
Cost/Procure Diff: $100,000/2

Crafting Power Armor

Crafting Power Armor requires Craft +2 in Structure and +1 in both Mechanical and Electrical. The Bill of Materials (IE: Cost) of crafting is calculated the same as for Armor or any other Structure.

To do Masterwork it requires Craft +5 in Structure and +3 in Mechanical and Electrical. There are no Masterwork levels for Power Armor or Power Armor Mods. Buying a Masterworked Suit costs double the base price. Buying Masterworked Power Armor Mods costs triple the base price per Mod. The Procure difficulty is increased by 1.

Unlike crafting Armor this can divided up between qualified players like any other Structure.