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Below is the Skill Table for Future Path Heroes. This is a complete list of skills and the Ability they are associated with as well as type. For instructions on how to get skills and use them go to the Skills Basics page.

Skill Table
Skill Name Ability Type
Acrobatics Dex Unnatural
Athletics Str Rank Dependent
Bluff Cha Natural
Computer Use Int Unnatural
Craft - Rank Dependent
- Chemical Int Unnatural
- Electronic Int Unnatural
- Mechanical Int Unnatural
- Pharmaceutical Int Unnatural
- Structural Int Unnatural
Diplomacy Cha Natural
Disable Device Int Unnatural
Disguise Cha Natural
Intimidate Cha Natural
Knowledge - Unnatural
- Culture Int Unnatural
- Current Events Int Unnatural
- History Int Unnatural
- Science Int Unnatural
- Philosophy Int Unnatural
Perception Wis Natural
Pilot Dex Unnatural
Profession Wis Rank Dependent
Language - Rank Dependent
Sense Motive Wis Natural
Sleight of Hand Dex Unnatural
Stealth Dex Natural
Study Int Natural
Survival Wis Natural
Treat Injury Wis Rank Dependent

Skill Description Format

Skill descriptions adhere to the following guidelines.

Skill Name: The skill name line includes (in addition to the name of the skill) the following information.

Ability: The ability whose modifier is applied to the skill die level.

Type: Whether or not the skill is Natural, Unnatural, or Rank Dependent.

Description: The skill name line is followed by a general description of what using the skill represents.

Check: What a character can do with a successful skill check and the check's Difficulty Class (DC).

Action: The type of action using the skill requires, or the amount of time required for a check.

Try Again: Any conditions that apply to successive attempts to use the skill successfully. If the skill doesn't allow you to attempt the same task more than once, or if failure carries an inherent penalty (such as with the Climb skill), you can't take 20. If this paragraph is omitted, the skill can be retried without any inherent penalty other than the additional time required.

Special: Any extra facts that apply to the skill, such as special effects deriving from its use or bonuses that certain characters receive because of class, feat choices, or race.

Skill Types

For the basic rules of using and gaining skills visit the Skills Basics page.

This means that the skill doesn't need to be 'Trained' first before a Character can use it. It implies that the skill is a common simple task that just about anyone can perform at least on a basic level.
This means that the skill cannot be used until a Skill Point is spent so that it is 'Trained'. It has to be taught and is not something a Character can simply do or just knows. It implies that knowledge and training were done to be able to perform the Skill's actions.
Rank Dependent
This means that the outcome of a successful check is somewhat predetermined by the Rank of the Skill. A Character cannot be more successful at this action then what is predetermined for whatever Rank they have in that Skill. Other then this these skills act just like the 'Unnatural' skills.