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The light shined through the tall windows and bounced off the dust in the air before illuminated large hall with a deep red. Towing shelves are navigated by a few caretakers as they search for the books housed within this maze. Most no longer bother the long expedition to the archives when more modern means are possible. But some cannot resist the physical feel of ancient knowledge.

An old and respected species the Aconians have always valued history. There place in it as well as others. No species can claim such a curiosity for forgotten things as the Aconians. And here on their homeworld sits the largest Library and Museum. The Aconian Great Archive of the Ages. It is accompanied by a University dedicated to preserving and adding to its halls.

Today a young and most adventurous Aconian student quietly transverses the hallways searching for material. He has always been curious about the most ancient of things and the untold secrets of long go civilizations. He boldly thinks it will be him to make the next big discovery about the mysteries of the Galaxy. What were the ancient civilizations like? Did any of them exist, to begin with? If so where did they all go? Why isn't only in the past 250,000 years has there been a rise in intelligent life? What was the galaxy truly like before?

To discover these mysteries, any good scholar would, of course, try to start where others left off. So here would be the start of his adventure. So here every weekend he would roam these halls. Get lost in ancient books and stories of old. He knew of course of the well understood A.J Years. Everything from the First Encounter and on where considered A.J. It was when the Jove first arrived at this Galaxy, possibly from another galaxy, and started to circumnavigate the Great Ring of Life. From that point onward history gets more and clearer. This student cared little for the more well known going one of the last few millennium. He was more interested in the times before the First Encounter. The Twin Empires, before that the Chaos Epoc and even before that the Era of Awaking. Finally... the Time Before Remembrance or merely put the unknown.

A few relics and old little trinkets from civilizations that meat their demise by the cruel hand of the Great Filter is all that remains of the Time Before Remembrance. Why did no civilizations ever reach out into the stars until the Era of Awaking? What happened? Did some make it and flee this galaxy or some other secret fate? He must know!

Before Jove

Before the Jove came, the Galaxy is entering chaos once again. The Twin Empires where crumbling under there wait and war even though deemed madness seamed the only solution to keep power.

But the Jove changed everything. Before Jove is a time where the galaxy had a chance to go down its path and make its history. What would the final pages say about the Milky Way and the Ring of Life? We will never know. But if the past 200,000 years where any indication it would not be good.

  1. Time Before Remembrance ( - : ~ -200,000): This is as far back in time any recovered texts written by a space-faring civilization. Little is know about intelligent life before this point. There seems to be little evidence of any space-faring civilizations ever existing before this time. Which is mysterious because the Galaxy is over 13,210,000,000 years old. It seems odd that so much life would seemingly spring forth only in the last 250,000 years.
  2. Era of Awaking (~ -200,000: ~ -100,000): The first great and oldest civilizations emerge during this time. Most scholars assume many great things happened within this time. But many of the Civilizations that reached into the stars eventually died or vanished. Most of them likely encountered other hostile forces and were wiped out. The largest records come from the few surviving Civilizations, and they are in many ways biased. There also was the problem that these Civilizations never truly reached across the whole of the galaxy. And thus their records are limited to the sectors they were most familiar with.
  3. Chaos Epoc (~ -90,000): One of the most recorded galactic wars and perhaps the first galactic in scale war of the Milky Way happened during this time. However, how and when this war started is hotly debated amongst historians. It lastly for roughly 1,000 years and started sometime in -90,000 BJ.
  4. Twin Empires (~90,000: 0): After all the devastation and terror that was the Chaos Epoc the galaxy saw two superpowers rise. These Powers are now called by historians as the 'Twin Empires.' This is because they started out having so many similarities, especially in their languages as any accounts that have been saved were written in there later years were due to centuries of trade and interaction made both languages very similar. The Empires came from the two most powerful Civilizations from the winning side of the wars of the Chaos Epoc. The Empires started on the other side of the Galaxy and thus at first only barely knew one another. But as the years moved on the territories of the empire finally expanded into one another. And after both Empires had greatly outstretched themselves they started to collapse under there own weight. Blaming one another for there own problems war seemed impossible to avoid. After four major conflicts spawning across roughly 1,000 years, all seemed lost, and a new dark age began. This is the climate the Jove entered into.

After Jove

A new age started with the Jove. Although there are other times lines used by different species to help standardize time all space-faring species people use Jove time. Which begins with when the Jove robots first boot. Although more recently it has been adjusted to be the First Encounter with the Jove.

The Reboot: (Year -256) This is when Jove robots came back from a long sleep. Once the Jove died, they didn't send their robots out immediately. The Jove set their robots to hibernate and programmed them to wait for an unknown amount of time in which the metal machines lay still and quiet. All except one computer. The computer was tasked to reboot all the Jove. The origin of the Jove is hotly debated, but the true evidence of there home would be this one computer which has yet to be found. Some believe the Jove came from another Galaxy.

The First Encounter: (Year 0) Supposedly this is when the Jove first encountered a young space-faring race. However, this didn't go over well. For whatever reason, the Jove had to defend themselves which lead this species near extinction. This also lead to a new set of rules the Jove most fallow. The species was moved to a new planet, and its inhabits where sent back to pre-dark ages. Jove has kept this species location a secret, and they say it's for the species on good. Many people look for evidence of such possible ancient yet gone civilization when looking for the possible origin of the Jove. Word of this got to the Twin Empires. And they both noticed that the Jove were popping up all over there domain and others. This was disturbing to them, and it forced there leaders to pause war plans against each other.

The Spiral Voyage: (Year 312) It was here the Jove changed the algorithms for finding new species after discovering the "Ring of Life." It was the logical conclusion determined by observation of the past 312 years. That the majority of life in this galaxy would be within a circular space at a range out from the center of the galaxy. A somewhat wide circle. This discovery (although not only made by the Jove) was considered to be one of the most important in early history.

The First Coalition: (The year 2690) Although this coalition of species wasn't the first or only in this galaxy even after the "The Reboot" there were several things that stood out. Firstly it was the largest known at the time. Secondly, it was not done out of the war but trade and the desire for lasting peace. And third, the Jove arbitrated over the proceeds. This was the first time that species recognized the Jove as more than just random machines that navigated the galaxy. Although it was mostly out of necessity to get a genuinely natural side. This is probably the reason for the coalition being so large.

The Great Collapse: (Year 3451) The is the beginning of the first great war. Known as Space War One or the War of the First Ones. This came into being because of multi Coalitions/Alliances/ Federations and so forth that were springing up into what was soon going to be the first fully navigated (Thanks to the Jove, universe) This all started when information supposedly held secret by the Jove was leaked. The Jove had kept secret the mass majority of navigation charts and maps of the galaxy. Also, all the species that were not yet discovered any of the species that were part of what the Jove called "Coalescences." This was all space-faring species that choose to interact and be made aware of and known by other species. Once the information was leaked it knocked off a series of events that cascaded into the break down of the Coalescences. Many great and powerful weapons were used during this war. The weapons were capable of taking out whole planets and even solar systems. Once the War was finished the remaining peoples of the Galaxy agreed to never again use these Weapons of Extreme Devastation. Under the authority placed upon the Jove by the peoples of the galaxy, the Jove destroyed all known remaining weapons and technology and forbade others from creating such weapons.

The New Birth: (Year 3692) A few years after Space War One was done and all the First Ones destroyed Jove was given governing authority of the new rising species in one simple aspect. To make sure that they did not research and produce new WEDs. (Weapons of Extreme Devastation). To invest such authority and to enforce the judgement if someone was to disobey a new Coalition was formed. Considered to be the Second "Great" Coalition their first job was to ensure there were no more WEDs and to ensure safety and peace. They became the arm that acted with prejudice to anybody that acted out of line. And they used the Jove just because there were everywhere and among everybody.

Miners Revolt of Talas: (Year 3730) Not long after the new order was established a revolt happened. It started because of wrongfully accused miners on a Planet named Talas. The blame for the mistake has been debated. It was originally thought as a mistake by the Jove. But then later found out to be caused by over-eager politicians wanting to justify keeping the "Inquisition of Peace" force in power. The force started soon after "New Birth" and used the Jove communication network to find and destroy peoples of the galaxy that went against harmony. All the miners were brutally killed before further investigation could happen. This caused a revolt and even though the Coalition didn't cease its state of power was changed. Some would argue it was a step in the wrong direction. But no scholar would argue weather or not the first move of the new powers that be was wrong. Which was to stop the "Inquisition of Peace." The Jove also stopped sharing their communication channels.

One Complete Circle: (Year 3811) This event is considered by some to be the crowning moment by the Jove and one of if not the most signification even in recording galactic history. It was when the two leading exploratory robot teams met again on the other side of the galaxy from where they started finishing their "Spiral Voyage." It would be a long time until artificial worm holes would be created for quicker exploration.

The Council of Larian: (Year ~4130) Its hard to say when this grouped was formed. It started out as a very secretive society and thus little is known of its origin. It eventually created a more public offshoot that helped advise and ease trade between large amounts of space. Especially areas where there were lots of pirates. It became known as the Council of Larian. Larian being a moon where the Council took up residence. Over time the Council became an economic and even military power. Although its most significant influence was in politics, it eventually became the only single entity that processed no government or origin species to have a say in galactic policy.

Space War Two: (Year 6340)

The Waring Years: (Year 9230 - 11300)

Space War Three: (Year 15420 - 15601)

Humanities Exposure: (Year 15859)

Humanities WW3: (Year 15862 - 67)

Present Day: (Year 15920)