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When Characters greatly surpass the requirements to succeed at a task this can result in earning Inertia points for your team. Players can earn Inertia Points by preforming a tasks overly well as well as using Talents or Techniques from some of the Advance Classes. When Inertia points are earned they immediately become available for all other team mates. They can spend them to increase success of future tasks and to defend against the enemy from preforming devastating actions. All Inertia points left at the end of combat are removed. At the start of each Combat the team as 0 Inertia.

Inertia vs. Regression

Inertia is earned by Player actions. Regression is earned by opponents of the Players. Regression simply takes away from a teams Inertia. Inertia can also be negative so if the Team's Inertia is 0 and an action done by the enemy causes a Regression point then the Team's Inertia is now -1.

Player's Inertia points can bring the Inertia Pool out of the negatives. The GM can spend Regression points to stop the Player's from preforming actions similar too Player's spending Inertia points.

Earning Inertia

  • A Player succeeds at a skill check more then 5 against the DC.
  • A Player uses a Technique or Talent that can also provide a Inertia point.
  • A Player succeeds at a Critical attack that kills or otherwise disables an opponent.
  • Whenever the Players succeed at a surprise attack.

Spending Inertia Points

Below are ways to spend a single point. Only a single point can be spent by a Player at a time. So each Player can spend a single Inertia point a turn. When spending an Inertia Point a Player cannot earn an Inertia point in that same turn.

  • Allows the Player too roll 2 d20's instead of 1 in order to determine success.
  • Reduces the DC of a task by 5.
  • Be able to use certain Talents/Techniques from some classes.

Getting Regression

These are caused from actions by opponents controlled by the GM.

  • Whenever a Character dies or gets disabled do too an attack.
  • Whenever a Character critically fails at a task.
  • Whenever an opponent's pull off a surprise attack.

Spending Regression Points

Points are spent by the GM. When spending a point the action of the opponent cannot earn Regression.

  • Stops a Critical attack from happening.
  • Increases the DC of a task by 5.