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Outfitting the modern character with the proper equipment is often just as important as the right selection of skills, abilities and training. Everything from personal protection, to weapons, to survival and electronic gear, can mean the difference between life and death.

This page covers the wide variety of general gear available to characters of all sorts. The items below are divided up into Categories roughly based on how the items can be crafted. Each Category is divided up by Tech Level with a Table to the right showing what Tech Level the item belongs too as well as Size, Weight and Cost. To the left of the Table is the description of each item shown in the order presented in the Table.

The prices listed in the tables below are based on the cost of the item for that Tech Level/Time period.

To many items? Do not want to read through all that? Then Bundle Packs may be the place to go. This is helpful especially when making a new Character and you need a set of gear quick.

At the bottom of the page is the Customization and Upgrades section. Go there to learn how to customize and upgrade items.

NOTE: Below you may sometimes see 'In-Game Bonus' under an item description. This is to highlight how the item may be used in the game to provide advantages or bonuses. However this isn't the only possible use of the item as DM and Players are encouraged to be imaginative. However these should be the most common examples and should help the player decide if they want to get it.

Bags and Boxes

Crafting Type: Structural All these items are considered Small Structural items. Many that some of the special rules concerning crafting a structure do not apply for these items.
Note about Tech Level: All these items are considered Tech Level 0. They are items any industrialized civilization should be able to make. Being able to hold things is pretty basic when it comes to tech. This give the freedom of the crafter to Up Tech the items to improve upon them. Or add gadgets to make them.. float or teleport or have traps.
Bags and Boxes
Object Size Weight Cost
Aluminium case 10 lb. Med 5 lb. $50
Aluminium case 40 lb. Large 10 lb. $190
Aluminium case 75 lb. Large 15 lb. $250
Briefcase Med 2 lb. $60
Container Med 5 lb. $50
Contractor's Field Bag Med 2 lb. $30
Day Pack Small 2 lb. $20
Handbag Small 1 lb. $40
Range Pack: Standard Small 2 lb. $30
Range Pack: Oversized Med 3 lb. $50
Secure Wallet Small 0.5 lb. $80

Aluminium Travel Case: A travel case is a reinforced metal box with foam inserts. Wing-style clamps keep it from opening accidentally. It comes in multiple sizes but it has the same DC of 12 against Disable Device checks. It can be modified via Masterwork or Up Teching to improve the locking mechanism. A gadget can be added as part of a trap. The smallest size can hold up to 1 unit. Medium up to 2 Units and Large up to 3 units of space.

Briefcase: A briefcase can carry up to 5 pounds worth of gear. A briefcase can be locked, but it's cheap lock is not very secure (Disable Device DC 10; break DC 10).

  • In-Game Bonus: This is the business persons suite of armor. They use it for everything. In todays digital world it is hard to imagine what could be so important to need a physical copy. Thus when seen it provides the holder with a certain authority they may not otherwise have. Under the wright circumstances this provides an advantage bonus to Disguise and/or Profession checks.

Container: This is a generic way to list common containers/boxes/storage units found in the game. They can be described with different locks and building materials that adjust the price and make it more difficult to use force (Strength check) or Disable Device checks to get inside. They come in many different sizes and shapes. Ranging from being able to hold 1 unit of space/weight and used as some small personal storage to as large as a shipping container able to hold 1+ million units of space. There construction can also very wildly. Better materials may make them able to resist a person forcefully getting into the container. While upgrades such as locks and traps and help prevent a sneakier person from also entering. The price noted here was for a 4 Unit sized container without a lock and made out of simple materials such as wood or plastic.

Contractor's Field Bag: A combination tool bag and notebook computer case, this has pockets for tools, pens, notepads and cell phones. It even has a clear plastic flap for maps or plans. Made of durable fabric, it holds 10 pounds worth of equipment and comes with a shoulder strap. It has no pre-builtin lock.

  • In-Game Bonus: This is used 'on-site' by a lot of different kinds of contract work. Someone walking around with this it would be easy to assume that they belong there and know what they are talking about. An advantage bonus to Disguise checks under the right circumstances.

Backpacks: Backpacks come in different sizes much like Aluminium Travel cases. However they weight is actually added to the maximum weight of the carrier. By default they also do not have a lock however they can be modified to have one. The smallest is the sort sort often used by students to carry their books around, or by outdoor enthusiasts on short hikes. The medium sized it used for mostly the same thing except bigger. While the last is great for wilderness survival and long military exercises. The small backpack adds 8 pounds to the wearer, medium size adds 14 pounds, and the largest adds 24 pounds of additional caring capacity to the wearer.

  • In-Game Bonus: Backpacks provided additional carrier capacity to the wearer.

Handbag: Handbags provide another way to carry 2 pounds of equipment. The cost shown is for a basic bag; high-fashion purses can increase the cost.

  • In-Game Bonus: Handbags provided additional carrier capacity to the wearer. It is also a way to hide small items. Provides a single advantage to Sleight of Hand checks to hide a small item.

Range Pack: This is a tactical backpack that comes in Medium and Large size. The medium size has a spacious inner compartment capable of holding roughly 10 pounds of gear and can hold an additional 4 pounds in six zippered external compartments. The larger version holds 18 pounds of equipment in the internal compartment and another 6 pounds in the zippered external pouches. A range pack easily holds several pistols and a sub-machine gun and the larger version can hold disassembled rifles.

  • In-Game Bonus: Range Pack provided additional carrier capacity to the wearer. It is also a way to hide non-clunky/clumsy items. Provides a single advantage to Sleight of Hand checks to hide non-clunky/clumsy weapons and ammo.

Secure Wallet: A small and simple wallet design that also has a locking component. The type and difficulty of the lock depends on the Tech Level. At level 0 it is DC12. It is designed to store personal identification information such as 'papers' and 'id cards' as well as financial tools like a credit card.

  • In-Game Bonus: A Secure Wallet is usually a status symbol or used by paranoid people. This can be used as a 'prop' to help pretend to be richer then one really is.


Crafting Type: Structural All these items are considered Small Structural items. Many that some of the special rules concerning crafting a structure do not apply for these items.
Note about Tech Level: All these items are considered Tech Level 0. They are items any industrialized civilization should be able to make.
In-Game Bonus:
  • ALL these items can be associated with Disguise checks. If a player notes they think they have cloths to wear that will fit the situation and the GM agrees then the Player gets an advantage bonus when doing the Disguise check.
  • SOME clothes can also help with Sleight of Hand checks. If the tailor (crafter) can masterwork Structural items then they can craft or modify existing cloths to conceal small weapons. In this case the cloths provides an advantage bonus to the Sleight of Hand checks when hiding or quick drawing a hidden weapon.
NOTE: If you are looking for advanced wear that has things like stealth bonuses (IE: Clocking), healing properties and more then go to the Armor rules and review the Special Attributes Shirt under the customize section.
Object Size Weight Cost
Business Med 3 lb. $100
Casual Med 2 lb. $80
Formal Med 3 lb. $150
Fatigues Med 3 lb. $60
Uniform Med 2 lb. $90
Ghillie suit Med 5 lb. $125
Fatigue Jacket Med 2 lb. $60
Outerwear Coat Med 2 lb. $45
Parka Med 3 lb. $75
Photojournalist's Vest Med 1 lb. $50
Tool belt Small 2 lb. $25
Windbreaker Med 1 lb. $30
Lab Coat Med 2 lb. $80
Explorers Outfit Med 2 lb. $120
Clothing Outfit

An outfit of clothing represents everything a character needs to dress a part: pants or skirt, shirt, undergarments, appropriate shoes or boots, socks or stockings and any necessary belt or suspenders.

  • Business: A business outfit generally includes a jacket or blazer and it tends to look sharp and well groomed without being overly formal.
  • Casual: Casual clothes range from cut-off jeans and a t-shirt to neatly pressed khakis and a hand-knit sweater.
  • Formal: From a little black dress to a fully appointed tuxedo, formal clothes are appropriate for “black tie” occasions. Special designer creations can have a cost much higher than shown on the table.
  • Fatigues: They're rugged, comfortable and provide lots of pockets. They are also printed in numerous solid colours and virtually infinite terrain-specific camouflage patterns. When worn in an appropriate environment, fatigues grant an Advantage bonus on Stealth checks.
  • Uniform: From the cable guy to a senior Air Force officer, people on the job tend to wear uniforms—making such clothing an essential part of some disguises, since a uniform inclines people to trust the wearer.

Ghillie Suit: The ultimate in camouflage, a ghillie suit is a loose mesh over garment covered in strips of burlap in terrain-appropriate colours, to which other camouflaging elements can easily be added. A figure under a ghillie suit is nearly impossible to discern. A character wearing a ghillie suit with appropriate colouration gains a +10 bonus on Stealth checks. However, the bulky suit imposes a penalty of –4 on all Dexterity checks, Dexterity-based skill checks (except Stealth) and melee attack rolls.

Outerwear: In addition to keeping a character warm and dry, coats and jackets provide additional concealment for things a character is carrying (they often qualify as loose or bulky clothing; see Concealed Weapons and Objects).

Fatigue Jacket: A lightweight outer garment fashioned after the fatigue uniforms worn by military personnel when performing their standard duties.

Outerwear Coat: An outer garment worn on the upper body. Its length and style vary according to fashion and use.

Parka: This winter coat grants the wearer an Advantage equipment bonus on Constitution saves made to resist the effects of cold weather.

Photojournalist's Vest: Made of cotton with mesh panels to keep the wearer cool, the photojournalist's vest has numerous obvious—and hidden—pockets. It counts as loose and bulky clothing when used to conceal small or smaller weapons and also grants the “specially modified to conceal object” bonus when used to conceal tiny or smaller objects.

Tool Belt: This sturdy leather belt has numerous pockets and loops for tools, nails, pencils and other necessities for repair and construction work, making it easy to keep about 10 pounds of items on hand. The pockets are open and items can easily fall out if the belt is tipped.

Windbreaker: This is a lightweight jacket made of wind-resistant material.

Computers and Consumer Electronics

Crafting Type: Electronic
Computers and Consumer Electronics
Object Size Weight Cost
--- Tech Level -1/0 ----
Camera Tiny 1 lb. $100 / 0
Computation Device Gagantic/Tiny 5000 lb./0.0001 lb $500 - $50 Million / 0 - 2
Image Replicator Medium 10 lbs. $250 / 0
Recorder Small 1 lb. $200 / 0
Remote Communications Small/Tiny 1 lb/0.01 lb. $1,000 / 0
--- Tech Level 1 ----
Camera, Digital Tiny 0.5 lb. $100 / 0
3D Fabricator/Scanner Large 500 lbs. ~$5,000 / 1
A.I Assistant Software - - $1,000 / 1
--- Tech Level 3 ----
Hackcard Dim 0.01lbs. $2,500 / 2
Neural Recorder Small 1 lb. $10,000 / 1
--- Tech Level 4 ----
Conscience Backup Device Large 1,000 lbs. $10 Million / 1
Neural Link Fine - $250,000 / 1

Camera: A way to capture image and sound using some sort of technology such as film or digital. This is an found in most late 0 Tech civilizations usually within a few hundred or thousand years before becoming tech 1.

  • In-Game Bonus: Each Tech level improves the quality, size, accessibility, and functionality of these devices. At Tech 0 this item provides a Misc +1 to Study. As long as it is used 'onsite'. Each Tech level higher increases this Misc bonus by one.

Computation Device: Ranging from as large as a warehouse to as small as a few nanometers these machines are used to compute numbers and data in meaningful ways much much faster then nature intended. Used by rising civilizations to store there ever growing collection of information and process that information for the eager masses. These machines help propel a civilization into domination and, regardless of the biology of the species and how 'advanced' there brains are over others, inevitably they become no match for what a Computer can do. Thus such a device is found in EVERY advanced civilization that has attempted to conquer the stairs.

  • In-Game Bonus: A necessary component in crafting viruses. Tech 0 and Tech 1 provide no bonuses to the Computer Use skill. However Tech 2 provides a misc +1 bonus, and each tech level above it provides an additional +1.

Image Replicator: Often referred to as a printer these devices usually contain an image scanner as well. They are very good at scanning and coping 2d imagines like the ones used in a Camera. They can be paired with a Remote Communications device to also have the ability to 'Fax' or otherwise send images to other Image Replicator's or Computation Devices. Although fairly common product in Civilizations that also have Cameras this generally doesn't improve much on its own and its quality is usually depended on the quality of Cameras for that Tech Level.

  • In-Game Bonus: At tech level 3 and 4 these devices can be used to auto enhance images from older tech Cameras to provide Clues or Evidence they may not have been seen otherwise. When the Clue/Deviance is an image a Tech Level 3 provides a misc +1 to Study while Tech 4 provides +2.

Recorder: This device is similar to a Surveillance recording device except it is legal commercial grade. Usually only able to record much shorter but higher quality images and/or sound for personal use. Similar to a Camera except strictly for a stream of audio or video and not just a single still image.

Remote Communications: Used to allow people to communication with audio and even sometimes video. Can be only for a few people or part of a planet/Solar/Galactic wide communications network. They also come in many different shapes and sizes and higher Tech levels can have them be paired with 'Computation Devices' and 'Recorders'. They range from a simple radio, to a satellite phone, or a Soft-Measure Quantum Entangled Communications Node.

  • In-Game Bonus: This can be used to allow Players to talk to each other without being in the same room. A Tech 0 these items are large and range from backpacks to 'break' phones. However ~0.9/Tech 1+ devices can be considered 'Tiny' and can be hidden in the ear or somewhere on the person with a Sleight of Hand DC of 15. Only Tech of a higher Tech level can easily jam or intercept communications of machines from the lower Tech level. However with the right skill someone can jam the communications of the same or even higher Tech but the DC is 15 +10 for every Tech higher then the equipment being used.

3 Dimensional Fabricator/Scanner: Used to scan in 3 Dimensional devices and print out copies of them. At Tech level 1 these devices can only replicate the outside appearance unless the Fabricator has 'blue prints'. Higher Tech levels the scanner can attempt to replicate both the outside and inside of whatever it is given. However they can only work on devices of there same Tech Level or lower. They can also repair devices. A Fabricator/Scanner is bought specific for each type of crafting with prices differing for each type and there size.

Listed prices are based on crafting small sized items at Tech 1. Each size or tech increase simply stack the starting price on it again.
Chemical: $5,000
Electronic: $2,500
Mechanical: $2,000
Pharmaceutical: $7,500
Structural: $1,500
  • In-Game Bonus: Used to reduce manufacturing time for crafting by 50% and allow the crafter to not have to work. Simply inform the Fabricator what you wish to craft and go about your business. The Player rules a D20. If they roll a natural 1 the Fabricator fails to make the product and you loose 50% of building material. Any other number is considered a Natural 20.

A.I Assistant Software: Usable only on Tech 1+ Computation Devices. This system is usually used to help serve a single person allowing for there life to be easier and/or more efficient. This software can help them preform Computer Work.

  • In-Game Bonus: Computer Use Misc. +1 for every Tech Level starting at 1. However this only works when using the Players own personal Computer. (Except if they have a Neural Link either as a Tech 4 item or as a Cyborg Implant.)

Hackcard: A marvel of computer technology, the hackcard is a disposable, one-use item designed to allow those who are not computer savvy to bypass technological and computer barriers or perform computer-related tasks. Hackcards come in many different shapes and sizes and can be easily hidden on a person.

  • In-Game Bonus: When a character uses a hackcard for its designated purpose, the hackcard’s Computer Use bonus (+15) is used in the place of the character’s. After a single use, the card triggers small fibers of combustible material and the hackcard self-destructs, leaving behind no trace of tampering.

Neural Recorder: A small flexible cap, the neural recorder can collect data directly from the human mind. Any visual or auditory memories or thoughts can be transmitted through the neural recorder and stored in its memory. Capable of storing up to two hours of data, the neural recorder requires a Computer Use check (DC 15) to activate and operate. If the subject of the neural recording is willing, the neural recorder collects images and sounds from the subject’s mind and stores them as either two-dimensional or three-dimensional recordings. An unwilling subject may make a Will save (DC 17) to prevent the recorder from functioning.

A lot of these devices are used in Law enforcement of advanced Civilizations. And is could Neural recording is some of the most solid evidence as justice team can have.

Conscience Backup Device: This system can be used while a person sleeps to probe there mind to backup there thoughts and experiences as well as any chemical or physical changes to the persons brain. These changes or stored in special quantum memory which keeps a 99.99% accurate account of the persons biological state. If they should die they can be 'resurrected' with the memories of there life all the way up until the last time they synced.

  • In-Game Bonus: You may need to read up on Death to learn more. This system cannot along rebuild a new body. A Tech 4 3D Biological Fabricator can be paired with this system however to become a Personal Resurrection/backup system.

Neural Link: The most advanced form of computer interface in the Energy Age, the neural computer link creates a direct connection between the brain and a computer system. The neural computer link eliminates the need for a physical interface. Instead, the user simply “thinks” commands to the computer. Output from the computer is sent straight to the user’s brain, tapping into the visualization centers to project images and displays directly into the user’s mind, eliminating the need for any sort of display device. In all other ways, the neural computer link allows the user to access the computer as if used conventionally. The neural computer link connects to a computer system via a network jack built into the base of the skull.

One advantage this gives a character is that information may be downloaded directly into the brain. The character’s own mind becomes a hard drive for basic information, granting the character direct knowledge of a particular subject almost instantaneously. They can instantaneously experience other people's thoughts, memories, emotions if they two have a Neural Link and are near to each other.

  • In-Game Bonus: Reduce the time required for Computer Use and Study checks to free actions. This applies only when the user is connected to a specific computer used for the Computer Use or Study check. As long as the player is wearing a Neural Link they gain advantage to Computer Use and Study checks. If they are attempting to use Charisma based skills with another person who has a Neural Link they also gain Advantage on all those checks. This is a Tech 4 version but there is a Tech 3 version that requires direct implant and is thus is considered part of Cybernetics.

Crafting Materials and Equipment

Crafting Materials and Equipment
Object Size Weight Cost
Chemical Crafting Materials 1 Unit 100 lb. $250 / 0
Electronic Crafting Materials 1 Unit 100 lb. $100 / 0
Mechanical Crafting Materials 1 Unit 100 lb. $150 / 0
Pharmaceutical Crafting Materials 1 Unit 100 lb. $500 / 0
Structural Crafting Materials 1 Unit 100 lb. $100 / 0
Adv. Chemical Crafting Materials 1 Unit 100 lb. $750 / 1
Adv. Electronic Crafting Materials 1 Unit 100 lb. $300 / 1
Adv. Mechanical Crafting Materials 1 Unit 100 lb. $450 / 1
Adv. Pharmaceutical Crafting Materials 1 Unit 100 lb. $1500 / 1
Adv. Structural Crafting Materials 1 Unit 100 lb. $300 / 1
Crafting Type: N/A

These items are used for crafting and repairing. Rules for crafting can be found on the craft page. Repairing only requires 1/10th the cost of the item in materials. If the item costs $100 then it takes $10 worth of crafting materials. Crafting an item takes 1/3rd the cost of the item in crafting materials. To make a masterworked item it takes the advanced version of the materials.

You do not need to buy the exact amount of materials as priced out in the table to the right. Those are just there to show how much weight and space it would take up if you owned that much of a particular material. The size is shown in 'units' which is a measurement explained in the Space Ships page. But one unit is roughly 1x1x1ft and roughly 100 lbs.

Chemical Crafting Materials: These are common crafting materials for making chemical compounds. Usually solvents, poisons, and bombs.

Electronic Crafting Materials: These are common crafting materials for making Electronics. Usually these things are computers, special microchips, electronic weapon accessories.

Mechanical Crafting Materials: These are common crafting materials for making Electronics. Usually machine components for weapons or robots.

Pharmaceutical Crafting Materials: These are common crafting materials for making Electronics. Usually drugs or healing items.

Structural Crafting Materials: These are common crafting materials for making Electronics. Usually buildings or space ships. But can also be armor and even simple items like clothing.

Advanced Chemical Crafting Materials: These are more advanced building materials used for constructing masterworked items.

Advanced Electronic Crafting Materials: These are more advanced building materials used for constructing masterworked items.

Advanced Mechanical Crafting Materials: These are more advanced building materials used for constructing masterworked items.

Advanced Pharmaceutical Crafting Materials: These are more advanced building materials used for constructing masterworked items.

Advanced Structural Crafting Materials: These are more advanced building materials used for constructing masterworked items.

Surveillance Gear

Crafting Type: Electronic
Note about Tech Level: Most of these items can be found across Tech Levels with a few exceptions which will be noted in there descriptions. Most items improve by Up Teching. Each Up Teching doubles the price.

Keeping an eye on suspects or tracking the moves of potential enemies is a crucial part of the modern adventurer's job. And so is keeping people of your trail. This is a collection of tools used to both spy and avoid being spied upon.

Surveillance Gear
Object Size Weight Cost/Pro Diff
Binoculars Tiny 1 lb. $100 / 0
Comms Interceptor Small 1 lb. $1500 / 2
Comms Trackers Tiny 0.5 lb. $1500 / 2
Electronics Detector Tiny 1 lb. $1,000 / 1
Long range audio recorder Medium 5 lb. $1,000 / 1
Micro-Recorder Dim 0.1 lb. $600 / 1
Signal Jammer Small 2 lb. $2,000 / 2
Tap Tiny 0.5 lb. $1,500 / 1
Tracker Bot Med 25 lb. $10,000 / 2

Binoculars: A commonly used device found everywhere for multiple purposes. This allows one to see much further away then normal. It is assumed that higher tech levels allow for things such as Night Vision, Thermal Vision, high quality zoom (+1 to In-Game Bonus) and so on are easily available for x3 the price.

  • In-Game Bonus: Provides a +2 Misc bonus to Perception when using this item to see things that are more then 100ft but less then 1000ft away starting at Tech Level 0. Each Tech Level higher provides an additional +1.

Comms Interceptor: An attachment or Gadget that can be attached to a communications device as small as a cell phone or as big as a comms array on a ship. This can be used to listen in on other peoples communications as long as they are not encrypted. Encrypted communications will require seperate Computer Use check to Decrypt the message.

  • In-Game Bonus: Provides a +2 Misc bonus to Computer Use or Perception checks that are used to attempt to listen in on someones electronic wireless communications. +1 for each Up Tech done.

Comms Trackers: An attachment or Gadget that can be attached like the Comms Interceptor. It can track the location of a remote transmission.

  • In-Game Bonus: Provides a +2 Misc bonus to a Survival Follow Tracks check when using this item to track down the source of a signal. +1 for each Up Tech done.

Electronics Detector: (Requires Tech 1) Used to find technology, especially ones that emit signals. This is commonly used to find spy equipment. It can only find things of the same Tech level or Lower.

  • In-Game Bonus: Provides a +3 Misc bonus to Perception checks when using this item to find electronics in a 30ft by 30ft space. +1 bonus for each Up Tech done starting at Tech 1.

Long range audio recorder: Normally a Parabolic Microphone in most Tech 0 and 1 civilizations. This device is used to here noises in extreme detail from a targeted location even at extreme distances.

  • In-Game Bonus: Provides a +2 Misc bonus to Perception checks when using this item to listen in on a small group of people standing within a 10ft square up to 500ft away. +1 for every Up Tech done.

Micro-Recorder: An extremely hard to find device that can record or even transmit audio and/or video. The receiver usually has to be close by (distance based on Tech Level) or they have to come in and pick up the device. The DC for detecting the device is 14 + 2 for ever Tech Level.

Signal Jammer: Does exactly what it sounds like. This can temporarily disable remote communications from devices from spy systems to normal communication devices. This can only jam signals from the same Tech level or lower. It can only protect a radius of 30ft. The counter jamming tech can be used to attempt to get around it but only after the 1d4 turns or 3 * 1d4 seconds.

Tap: A common device used to 'tap' into hard wired communication and security systems. This can be used both to spy on people and to gain a 'backdoor' into computer systems. The tap into hard wire communications can allow the players to remotely listen in on conversations. In Tech 1 or higher levels they can even effect the comms by cutting the signal or by joining in on the conversation.

  • In-Game Bonus: When used to help gain access to computer systems this provides the remote hacker with +1 misc bonus to all Computer Use checks except for crafting viruses. +1 for every Up Tech done.

Tracker Bot: (Requires Tech 2) This moderately stealthy robot can attempt to trail a target while attempting to stay hidden. It has built in short and long range audio and video recorders. And can be outfitted with a Comms Tracker, Comms Interceptor. It is used to help spy on multiple people at once and learn about them. It has an encrypted data drive by default and it a trough device to crack. Stealth roll is automatically 15. Decrypt data drive DC is 25. Its Perception and Study checks are auto 15. +2 to all attributes for each Tech Level above Tech 2.

Profession Kits

Crafting Type: Mechanical
Note about Tech Level: All crafting kits are considered Tech Neutral. This means that they cannot be Up Teched only Masterworked.
  • Regarding Uses. A normal Kit has 20 uses while a Masterworked Kit only has 10 uses. This is default.
  • Regarding Masterworked/Advance: Advance Kits are Masterworked Kits and Masterworked Kits are Advance Kits. In the game if is mentioned one or the other they can be used interchangeably. A Kit can only be either Normal or Advanced. It can only have a Max of 20 uses or a Max of 10 uses. (Exceptions can be made for super advanced specialty kits provided by the GM)

This category covers a wide variety of specialized equipment used by professionals in adventure-related fields. Normally a Kit is used in association with a certain Skill Check and is usually required. In some cases a Kit (especially a masterworked Kit) provides a advantage when preforming a particular check. Kits also have uses. The prices shown in the table below are for normal kits, the cost is 3x as much for Masterworked Kits.

Professional Equipment
Object Size Weight Cost/Procure Diff.
Chemists Kit (20 uses) Med 5 lb. $250 / 0
Disguise kit, morphic (20 uses) Tiny 1 lb. $300 / 1
Demolitions Kit (20 uses) Med 5 lb. $200 / 1
Electrical Tool Kit (20 uses) Huge 33 lb. $400 / 0
Evidence Kit (20 uses) Med 8 lb. $400 / 1
First Aid Kit (10 uses) Small 1 lb. $50 / 0
Forgery Kit (20 uses) Small 3 lb. $400 / 1
Lock Picking Kit (20 uses) Small 5 lbs. $300 / 1
Mechanical Tool Kit (20 uses) Huge 45 lb. $250 / 0
Medkit (20 uses) Small 3 lb. $2500 / 0
Pharmacist Kit (20 uses) Med 6 lb. $150 / 1
Search-and-Rescue Kit (20 uses) Med 7 lb. $350 / 0
Surgery Kit (10 uses) Med 5 lb. $1000 / 0

Chemist Kit: This kit negates the disadvantage penalty with attempting to Craft a Chemical.

  • Note on crafting: This required 2 ranks in Chemistry and 1 Rank in Mechanical to craft.
  • Note on Masterworked: The Master-worked version provides an Advantage bonus to Crafting Chemicals.

Disguise Kit, Morphic: Most people forced to work undercover for extended periods rely on the morphic disguise kit. The kit features a pair of contact lenses that change color, a hair prosthetic that changes color, length, and texture, a paint-on LCD injector for instant tattoos that transform, and a vocal encoder (vocoder) that is attached to the throat to alter the user’s voice. Each component can be altered on command. The morphic disguise kit grants a double Advantage equipment bonus on all Disguise checks while in use. Tech 3 and above only.

Demolitions Kit: This kit contains everything needed to set detonators, wire explosive devices and disarm explosive devices. Detonators must be purchased separately. This also provides an Advantage circumstance bonus on Craft (Chemicals) with those chemicals are explosives with include weapons such as grenades.

Electrical Tool Kit: This collection of hand tools and small parts typically includes a variety of pliers, drivers, cutting devices, fasteners, power tools and leads and wires. This effects Craft (electronic) checks.

Evidence Kits: Law enforcement agencies around the world use generally the same tools to gather evidence. This provides an Advantage circumstance bonus on Knowledge, Perception, and Study checks under appropriate circumstances.

First Aid Kit: This Kit is used to help stabilize a Character when down and provide health.

Forgery Kit: This kit contains everything needed to use the Language skill to prepare forged items. This provides an Advantage bonus when using Language skill to create Forgeries.

Lock Picking Kit: This kit contains everything needed to disable mechanical locks. This is used when performing a Disable Device skill check to unlock a mechanical lock. A Masterworked Kit will provide an Advantage Bonus.

Mechanical Tool Kit: This collection of hand tools and small parts typically includes a variety of pliers, drivers, cutting devices, fasteners and even power tools. It effects Craft (mechanical) or Craft (structural) checks.

Medical Kit: Or 'Medkit'. This is a required tool for performing Restore Hit Points Treat Injury checks.

  • Note on crafting: This requires Rank 2 in both Pharmacy and Chemistry and 1 Rank in Mechanical to craft.
  • Note on Masterworked: This unlocked the Expert Restore Hit Points skill check, too learn more go here. This also provides bonus health to a target when using Stablize Dying Character skill check.

Pharmacist Kit: A portable pharmacy provides all the necessary materials and equipment to Craft (pharmaceutical) items. This effects the Craft (Pharmaceutical) skill.

Search-and-Rescue Kit: This waist pack contains a first aid kit, a compass, waterproof matches, a lightweight “space” blanket, a standard flashlight and 50 feet of durable nylon rope, two smoke grenades and one signal flare. SAR kit provides an Advantage circumstance bonus on Survival skill checks.

Surgery Kit: About the size of a small backpack, this kit contains the instruments needed for rudimentary emergency field surgery. This can be used to Stabilize or Perform Surgery on a Character. The Advanced Surgery kit provides an Advantage bonus on the Treat Injury skill's Stabilize and Surgery.

  • Note on crafting: This requires 2 Ranks in Pharmaceutical, 2 Ranks in Mechanical, 1 Rank in Electrical

Survival Gear

Crafting Type: Mechanical

Survival gear helps characters keep themselves alive in the great outdoors.

Survival Gear
Object Size Weight Cost
--- Tech Level -1/0 ----
Compass Small 1 lb. $50 / 0
Directed Light Source Small 3 lb. $25 / 0
Duct Tape Tiny 1 lb. $5 / 0
Face Mask Small 3 lb. $250 / 0
Portable Stove Medium 10 lb. $300 / 0
Range Finding Binoculars Small 2 lb. $300 / 0
Rations (5 day pack) Medium 10 lb. $100 / 0
Rope (25ft) Small 4 lb. $100 / 0
Rural Map Dim 0.1 lb. $10 / 0
Terran Map Dim 0.1 lb. $15 / 1
Towel Tiny 1 lb. $15 / 0
Urban Map Dim 0.1 lb. $10 / 0
--- Tech Level 1 ----
Duracable (25ft) Medium 0.1 lb. $200 / 0
Emergency Light Source (5 pack) Tiny 2 lb. $30 / 0
Hazard Suits Large 15 lb. $1,000 / 1
Planetary Satellite Navigation Tiny 1 lb. $225 / 0
Purifier Small 2 lb. $75 / 0
Stellar Navigation Device Small 2 lb. $350 / 0
--- Tech Level 2 ----
Aquaconverter Medium 6 lb. $1,200 / 0
Star Map Fine - $100 / 0
--- Tech Level 3 ----
Gravimetric Positioning Device Medium 10 lb. $1,500 / 0
--- Tech Level 4 ----
Environmental Recreation Personal Shield Small 1 lb. $10,000 / 1

Compass: A device that only works on celestial bodies that have a magnetosphere. Useless else where. Although some Tech -1 civilizations have such devices usually it is one of the many marks of the transition period into Tech Level 0.

  • In-Game Bonus: Provides +2 Misc to Survival checks when lost or navigating on a celestial body that has a magnetosphere.

Directed Light Source: This simple tool usually a flash light but can also be a lantern or other such device illuminates a path. A tech -1 this is usually some sort of torch. At Tech 0 it can be anything from a candle list lantern to a simple electronic light bulb. Each tech level provides more light and for longer. Starting at Tech Level 1 the light source can also flash or change colors to signal for help or show distress.

  • In-Game Bonus: Starting at tech level -1 the light source provides light for 15ft radius or 25ft directed and can last for an hour. Each Tech Level higher provides an additional 10ft and can last for 5 hours longer. With Tech Level 4 being 65ft radius or 90ft directed and last infinity.

Duct Tape: Duct tape can support up to 200 pounds indefinitely or up to 300 pounds for 1d6 rounds. Characters bound with duct tape must make a Strength or Slieght of Hand check (DC 20) to free themselves. A roll provides 70 feet of tape, 2 inches wide.

Face Mask: Designed for protection against harmful elements. Can take attachments such as Oxygen or other chemical tanks to allow for breathing in harsh environmental conditions. Attachments all cost about the same as they are all common. There cost is usually $1,000 for the tank and $100 for refills. The tanks hold 1 hour per Tech Level starting at level 0. The Face Mask itself can protect from air based Poisons. However they do not protect against Chemical based attacks. Most Species require more then just a Face Mask in order to go into Space.

Portable Stove: This small stove works on kerosene or white gasoline and can easily be broken down and carried for backpacking. More advanced Tech Levels the heat can come from other sources of energy and can last longer. If the players are attempting to hid out the DC for Tech Level 0 is 20 to stealth the camp when also attempting to use Portable Stove. (Using a normal camp fire it is DC30.) Each Tech Level higher the DC is reduced by 2.

Range Finding Binoculars: Unlike the Surveillance binoculars these are used for game hunting, surveying and survivalist and cannot be upgraded with features like night vision. There main purpose is to be able to see detail from afar and be able to inform the user the exact distance of the target being viewed.

  • In-Game Bonus: This can provide a +1 to Perception from anything that is 100ft to 10,000ft away. Each Tech Level higher then 0 also provides an additional +1 to Perception. This can be used to provide spotting help to a fellow Character to improve there aim. Roll for an assist check with a DC of the targets Touch AC. If successful provide a +1 for every Tech Level starting at zero to the player's accuracy check. This can only be used along side another player. In otherwords the Player cannot both spot and shot.

Rations: Small simple caring case for food. Tech -1 civilizations had little in a way to preserve food so starting at Tech 0 civilizations created basic things like canned or dried foods. Starting at Tech 1 Rations became healthier and smaller. At Tech 4 it comes as small as pill that needs only be taken once a day. Each Tech Level starting at 1 the price of the Rations and the weight goes down by 1/2.

Rope: An extremely common and useful tool everyone should have. Rope price and weight is measured in 25ft increments with $50 per 25ft. Higher Tech levels provide additional strength while reducing the weight by 1/2 every level.

  • In-Game Bonuses: When using Rope/Duracable to assist climbing the climbing speed is doubled and the Character gains advantage for any checks for possibly falling.

Rural Map: A larger less detailed map that helps show points of interest and explain where one is when not near a city. Most planets will require multiple maps in order to cover the whole thing. Visiting points of interest can also provide additional bonuses to Knowledge checks.

  • In-Game Bonus: Provides +1 Misc to Survival checks when navigating the city the map is for. No additional Up Tech or masterworked bonuses.

Terran Map: Sometimes refereed to as a Tactical Map or an elevation map. These maps show details about the Terran of an area. Shows what kind of climate and environment and also points to sources of water or other substances of interest. A lot of these maps can also provide helpful Survival hints like local wildlife that should be avoided or sought after.

  • In-Game Bonus: Provides +1 Misc to Survival checks when navigating and +2 Misc Wilderness Survival checks. No additional Up Tech or masterworked bonuses.

Towel: An extremely understated and useful invention. It has many many different uses ranging from comfort to emergency rope or source of nutrients. You can wrap it around you for warmth, or use it as a pillow while staring at the night sky. You can use it as an impromptu sail. Wet it so that it is strong enough to bend bars or to be used as a non-lethal weapon. It can cover your mouth to help filter out chemicals or poisons in the air. The towel can be used to signal someone for help. To soak up and store water. Or you can wrap it to make a sack and use it as a backpack. Or if all else you can use it to dry yourself off if it's clean enough.

  • In-Game Bonus: You might as well be cheating if you have a towel. Ask your GameMaster if a towel is right for your game.

Urban Map: A map of the local city. This can provide all sorts of cultural information besides just where you are located.

  • In-Game Bonus: Provides +1 Misc to Survival checks when navigating the city the map is for. No additional Up Tech or masterworked bonuses. This map can also provide social and cultural information. +2 Misc to Culture and Current Events Knowledge checks while in this city area.

Duracable: Strong as steel, flexible as rubber, and lighter then rope. It was discovered while attempting to make cables for Space Elevators but in most situations it still isn't strong enough. However it is cheap to construct and replaces most cables and ropes as the standard device for lifting, pulling, and support. Duracable is made of lightweight and durable wiring wrapped hundreds of times in a swirl that reinforces itself as more stress is placed on the coil. Duracable is able to support up to 100 metric tons of weight while much lighter then conventional Rope.

  • In-Game Bonuses: When using Rope/Duracable to assist climbing the climbing speed is doubled and the Character gains advantage for any checks for possibly falling.

Emergency Light Source: Usually some sort of chemical burning light source that only lasts for a short while and once used cannot be reused. They are cheaper and smaller then a Directed Light Source. However they all can be used as a way to signal for help and can be easily carried on someones person. Otherwise they are the same and provide the same bonus.

Hazard Suits: Technically not armor this suit can be worn over any non-heavy or non-clumsy Armor. It does provide 10DR against Chemical based attacks and gives advantage against Poison attacks. However every time the wearer is attacked the Armor looses 1 DR of its protection. Once all 10 DR is gone the Suit is damaged beyond usability and it also looses its Poison defense. It can be repaired however. One can also combine this with a Face Mask and even Tank. However this is not a Space suit and will not protect the wearer against the vacuum of space.

Planetary Satellite Navigation: Only usable on planets or moons that have been colonized by Tech Level 0.9/1+ civilizations. This is usually something like GPS or another similar technology that uses artificial planet wide satellites to send signals down to the surface informing the device of its exact position in space time.

  • In-Game Bonus: Provides +1 Misc to Survival checks when navigating on colonized planets. +1 for every Tech Level above 1.

Purifier: This can be used to Purify water or other essential liquids. A Chemistry or Pharmaceutical Kit can be used to help clean water to make it drinkable with a DC of 15. but the Purifier does it for the Player with automatic success unless the water has been Poisoned or its heavily concentrated with Chemicals. In which case it will simply warn the Players and they will have to identify the Poison and or Chemical to remove it. Review the Skill rules for more information on Identify. A Tech Level 4 Purifier can Purify anything out of water ill-regardless of Poisons or Chemical concentrations.

Stellar Navigation Device: One of the most common and widely used systems to navigate by. Using the very stars themselves. Each sector of space needs to download the latest stellar map updates. Once you have an updated database of stars this device can tell you exactly where you on in the galaxy wither in space or on a planet as long as the stars are visible.

  • In-Game Bonus: Provides +1 Misc to Survival checks when navigating where the stars are visible. +1 for every Tech Level above 1.

Aquaconverter: Also known as “mechanical gills,” the aquaconverter is a simple device that takes in water, separates its molecules into hydrogen and oxygen atoms, and then feeds the oxygen into a breather tube and the hydrogen into power-generating mechanisms. Worn as a backpack with a breather tube placed in the mouth as a Tech Level 2 item. However Tech Level 3 allows the item to not be clumsy with 1/4 the weight. And Tech Level 4 allows the item to be considered a Face Mask without the need for a Tank and it weights 1/4th the weight of the Tech 3 version.

Star Map: These maps are specific to Local Clusters usually. And add extra details about shipping lanes, jump gate locations, government boarders, crime stats, solar activity, phenomenon and hazards.

  • In-Game Bonus: Provides +1 Misc to all Survival checks when navigating this local group using a Space Ship.

Gravimetric Positioning Device: Used to find your way through a Solar System this can be attached to a ship or sense it is so small attached to a spacesuit. This doesn't just help find your way through a Solar System but can be useful on certain small planets or moons where gravity is very weak and minor changes in rock or terrain can have such a noticeable and unique effect to gravity that this device would be able to tell (if provided with a gravimetric mapping) exactly where one is. This device can also be used to detect and Track gravimetric phenomenon and/or disturbances's

  • In-Game Bonus: Provides +2 Misc to Survival checks when navigating a Solar System or a very small planet (dwarf planet) or moon as well as Avoiding Hazards if the Hazard is gravity related and tracking down gravimetric disturbances. +1 for every Tech Level above 3.

Environmental Recreation Personal Shield: Designed to wrap around a person and cling closely to there skin. This protects against common external environmental hazards. Extreme Heat, Cold, Chemicals in the air and extreme Gravity. Although this also doesn't work as a Space Suit this does allow a person to walk around in hazardish environments without taking negatives. If the Players have to roll to check if they take damage or get effects for being exposed to the elements the wearer of this gets x2 Advantage and if they fail they only take 1/2 round up if that is possible.


Crafting Type: Electronic
Masterworking: Scanners can only have Masterworked stats. They cannot gain Masterworked levels. (IE: Masterworked +2, +3 etc...). A masterworked Scanner just acts like it has gone up a Tech Level.

This is equipment used to detect and test for the presence of some material or materials.

Sensor Equipment
Object Size Weight Cost
--- Tech Level 2 ----
Environment Scanner Small 1 lb. $1500 / 1
Medical Scanner Small 1 lb. $1500 / 1
Robotics Scanner Small 1 lb. $1500 / 1
Security Scanner Small 1 lb. $10,000 / 2
--- Tech Level 3 ----
--- Tech Level 4 ----
Tricorde Tiny 0.5 lb. $250,000 / 2

Environment Scanner: This advanced scanner, usually warn as a satchel or more advanced version simply hand held, can detect most natural elements in an environment. It is good at pointing out patterns and finding things that appear out of the ordinary that might not be so easily detectable with the naked eye. This also is good at identifying a target.

  • In-Game Bonus: This provides a +1 to Perception while in use. +1 for each Tech Level higher then 2. This also provides a +1 to the Analyze Clue and Researching checks from the Study skill. An additional +1 for each Tech Level above 2.

Medical Scanner: This scanner is used to detect anomalies and diagnose problems in biological life forms.

  • In-Game Bonus: This provides a +1 to all Treat Injury checks accept restoring hit points. +1 for each Tech Level higher then 2.

Robotics Scanner: This is used to help diagnose problems with robotic equipment. Similar in nature to a Medical Scanner but instead for the use of robotic repairs.

  • In-Game Bonus: This provides a +1 to all Craft Electronic/Mechanical repair checks on robots. +1 for each level above Tech Level 2.

Security Scanner: A tool used to sniff out spy surveillance and spy equipment of most any kind. Highly sought after in the intelligence community.

  • In-Game Bonus: This provides a +1 to all Perception checks when looking for electronics in particular. +1 for each level above Tech Level 2.

Tricorder: (Requires Tech Level 4) This advanced hand held device does the work of an Environment Scanner, Medical Scanner, Robotics Scanner and a Security Scanner. It can be programed as well and imprinted with scans it has scanned before so it can more easily detect them again in the future. This is the most sought after device for adventures.

  • In-Game Bonus Provides a +2 to all the same things all the other Scanners provide.


Crafting Type: Chemical
Masterworking: Poison's can only be Masterworked they cannot gain Masterworking levels. To make a Masterworked Poison the crafter has to have a Craft Rank of 5 instead of just 3. The Mastworked status just reduces the DC by 2. The cost is tripled and an additional Procure Difficulty is added.

Although a little different then normal this shows the price of purchase as well as crafting information all within the table itself.

This is either Ingested, Injury, or Inhaled.
  • Ingested : This means the player will have to find a way to make the target eat or otherwise consume the poison.
  • Injury : This means that player needs to wound the target and have the poison meet contact with the wound. Usually this is done by coating a melee weapon or a kinetic charge such as a bullet with the poison. Poisons degrade once they get into contact with the air so each hour the weapon or bullets will have to be re-coated.
Save DC
The Difficulty Class of the Constitution save to negate the effects of the poison. This is rolled by the victim of the poisons.
Initial Damage
The damage a character takes immediately upon failing his or her Constitution save.
Secondary Damage
This is damage or other effects taken in intervals explained in the 'Time' column. Sometimes the secondary effect will say (Instant) This implies that the effect happens along side the Initial Damage.
This is usually simply 'xdX Turns'. However it may also imply that each 'Turn' is actually 'X an Hour' meaning that the effect happens over hours instead of turns in combat. They may also be a 'Lingers' effect which means the poison stays in that spot and can effect anyone entering the area.

Table: Poisons
Poison Type Save DC Initial Damage Secondary Damage Time Cost /
Procure Diff
Arsenic Ingested 15 2 Str 2 Con 1d6 Turns / 1 an Hour $750 / +2
Atropine Injury 13 3 Dex 1 Str 1d8 Turns $200 / +1
Belladonna (plant) Injury 18 3 Str 1 Str 1d6 Turns $2000 / +2
Blue vitriol Injury 12 1 Con 1 Con 1d6 Turns $1200 / +1
Chloral hydrate Ingested 18 3 Dex Unconsciousness(Instant) 1d3 hours n/a $1000 / +2
Chloroform1 Inhaled 17 Unconsciousness 1d3 hours n/a $750 / +2
Curare (plant) Injury 18 4 Dex 2 Wis (Instant) n/a $7,500 / +2
Cyanide Injury 16 1 Con 2 Con 1d4 Turns $7,500 / +3
Cyanogen Inhaled 19 1 Dex 1 Con 1d6 Turns $1000 / +2
DDT Inhaled 17 1 Str 1 Str 1d6 Turns $750 / +2
Mustard gas Inhaled 17 1 Con 2 Con 1d4 Turns $1000 / +2.
Paris green (gas) Inhaled 14 1 Con 1 Con 1d6 Turns $750 / +2
Paris green (solid) Ingested 14 2 Con 1 Con 1d8 Turns $750 / +2
Puffer poison (fish) Injury 13 3 Str Paralysis 2d4 Turns n/a $2750 / +2
Sarin nerve gas Inhaled 18 1 Con 2 Con 1d12 Turns / 1 an Hour $7,500 / +3
Insect Venom Injury 11 2 Str - n/a $1000 / +1
Strychnine Injury 19 2 Dex 1 Con 1d4 Turns $1750 / +2
Tear gas Inhaled 15 Nauseated 1d6 rounds (Lingers 1d4) 1d4 Turns $750 / +2
VX nerve gas Inhaled 22 2 Con 3 Con (Lingers 1d6) 1d4 Turns $25,000 / +4

Medical Items

Crafting Type: Pharmaceutical
Masterworking: Poison's cannot gain Masterworked status! The Crafting level determines the Healing Concoction and Regenerative Concoction abilities. All other medical items are as they are stated here and can only be Up Teched.

This is Medical equipment and Medical chemicals. More about Pharmaceuticals and what they can do here.

Chemical and Medical Equipment
Object Size Weight Cost
--- Tech Level -1/0 ----
--- Tech Level 1 ----
Healing Concoction - - $500 / 0
Immunity Concoction - - $500 / 0
Pill Capsules (10-Pack) Fine - $1 / 0
Syringe (5-Pack) Diminutive - $1 / 0
Spray Bottle Tiny - $15 / 0
Spray Grenade Small - $250 / 0
Restorative Concoction - - $500 / 0
--- Tech Level 2 ----
Booster Diminutive - $1500 / 2
Neutrad Diminutive - $250 / 0
Sporekill Diminutive - $250 / 0
Resistance Concoction - - $1000 / 1
Regenerative Concoction - - $1000 / 0
Rocket-X Diminutive - $1000 / 1
--- Tech Level 3 ----
Antitox Diminutive - $1000 / 0
Biocort Diminutive - $500 / 1
--- Tech Level 4 ----
Truthtell Diminutive - $2500 / 2

Healing Concoction: This is a concoction created using the Pharmaceutical crafting skill. This provides Hit Points back to the person that takes the substance. The substance has to be taken through some device such as Pill Capsules, Syringe, Spray Bottle, or Spray Grenade. Each has there own delivery method.

Healing Concoction can heal for d6, d8, d10 or d12 dice which is determined by the Tech Level of the concoction. The number and type of dice is used too determined by the Craft Rank. The number of dice is equated to the concentration of the concoction while the tech level determines the die type. A 4d6 requires a Pharmaceutical skill rank of 4. (4 Ranks because there are 4 dice to roll, and no additional ranks required because the Xd6 is a Tech level 1 concoction.) While a 4d10 requires a Pharmaceutical skill rank of 5. (4 Ranks because there are 4 dice to roll, and +1 additional rank required because the Xd10 is a Tech level 3 concoction.) Tech 1 and 2 do not require any additional ranks while Tech 3 requires +1 Rank and Tech 4 requires +2 rank.

Below is a Table that shows the Die Level, Number of Dice, Craft Rank, Price, and Procure Difficulty.

Healing Concoction Overview
Dice =>
v=# of Dice=v
Xd6 ($500) Xd8 ($650) Xd10 ($850) Xd12 ($1000)
Tech 1 / Rank +0 Tech 2 / Rank +0 Tech 3 / Rank +1 Tech 4 / Rank +2
Craft Rank 1
1d6 /
1d8 /
1d10 /
1d12 /
Craft Rank 2
2d6 /
2d8 /
2d10 /
2d12 /
$2,000 / 1
Craft Rank 3
3d6 /
3d8 /
3d10 /
$2,550 / 1
3d12 /
$3,000 / 1
Craft Rank 4
4d6 /
4d8 /
$2,600 / 1
4d10 /
$3,400 / 1
4d12 /
$4,000 / 2
Craft Rank 5
5d6 /
$2,500 / 1
5d8 /
$3,250 / 1
5d10 /
$4,250 / 2
5d12 /
$5,000 / 2
Craft Rank 6
6d6 /
$3,000 / 1
6d8 /
$3,900 / 2
6d10 /
$5,100 / 2
6d12 /
$6,000 / 3
Craft Rank 7
7d6 /
$3,500 / 2
7d8 /
$4,550 / 2
7d10 /
$5,950 / 3
7d12 /
$7,000 / 3
Craft Rank 8
8d6 /
$4,000 / 2
8d8 /
$5,200 / 3
8d10 /
$6,800 / 3
8d12 /
$8,000 / 4
*Regenerative Concoction Is like Healing Concoction except instead of Dice based on
Craft Rank it is the Number of Turns it effects the target.
  • In-Game Bonus: This item CANNOT be used without an administering tool such as "Pill Capsules", "Syringe", "Spray Bottle", or "Spray Grenade". When used injunction with those items it automatically allows the user to roll the correct dice and add that outcome to there current Hit Points. No more then there total possible HP. There is no need for a Treat Injury check. This simply just works. However, if a character chooses to help administrate the Healing Concoction they can follow the Restore Hit Points with Medical Item skill check.

Immunity Concoction: Much like the "Healing Concoction" this requires a form of administering such as "Pill Capsules", "Syringe", "Spray Bottle", or "Spray Grenade". The Immunity Concoction lasts for roughly 24 hours and provides an advantage bonus against poisons and there effects. This much be taken *BEFORE* the person gets poisoned.

  • Note on crafting: The crafter most already know about the poison/venom/chemical and have an sample of it in order to make the Immunity Concoction.
  • Note on Masterworked: Masterworked of this item simply means that the character now gets double advantage. This item can be Masterwoked +2 as well for triple advantage.

Pill Capsules (10-Pack): A very simple and cheap way to administer a "Concoction". Craft for this is can either be 'Structural' or 'Pharmaceutical'. This capsules can hold a single dose of a "Concoction" and can only be used once. They are made 10 at a time.

  • In-Game Bonus: This can be force feed to a helpless or paralyzed Character by another. The act of force feeding as to be a Full Round action and does not count as a Treat Injury check. If the player is able to take one himself and he already has a pill they can take one as a Simple action. This action cannot be done faster nor can another Character use a Treat Injury check to improve the outcome of a Concoction taken with a Pill Capsule.

Syringe (5-Pack): Another very simple and cheap way to administer a "Concoction". Craft skill for this can either be 'Structural' or 'Pharmaceutical'. A Syringe can only be used once and then is disposed of.

  • In-Game Bonus: The point of a Syringe is that it can be administered by somebody else, therefore taking advantage of the Treat Injury skill check, and can be done as fast as a Simple action if the person administrating it has the correct Class/Talent for it. The action of injecting a Syringe cannot be made faster then a Simple Action.

Spray Bottle: The Spray Bottle has a range of 10ft and is considered a ranged touch attack to enemies or an automatic success to friendlies. This can hold multiple doses (5 uses) of a single type of "Concoction". Each Tech level higher provides a bonus of 5ft extra range and the ability to hold 1 more use. Craft skill for this can either be 'Mechanical' or 'Pharmaceutical'. For every 5ft or +1 use the price doubles.

  • Note on Masterworked: A masterworked item provides either a 5ft boost to range or 1 more use. The crafter decides. The cost doubles each time.
  • In-Game Bonus: However normally it is considered an automatic success on friendlies if the person using the Spray Bottle is moving, or they attempt to use the action as a Free action then they have to roll for a Ranged Touch attack or else miss. If the user of the Spray Bottle as Treat Injury as a Class or Trained skill then they gain advantage to this Ranged Touch attack. Again this only implies when the user of the Spray Bottle is attempting to use it as a Free action. They can only attempt this if they also have the correct Class/Talents.

Spray Grenade: The Spray Grenade acts like a grenade that sprays a single use in an area of effect Circle with (2)10ft range increment. The Range increment can increase by 5ft with crafting bonuses or Tech level. The price triples each range increment increase.

  • In-Game Bonus: The HP restored is evenly distributed (round down) among all targets within the circle.

Resistance Concoction: These are drugs and special concoctions designed to give the person temporary resistance to certain types of damage. DR against either Electric, Chemical, or Thermal damage. It provides +1 DR for a chosen type per Tech level starting at level 2 and per Masterwork level. The effect lasts for 1d6 rounds.

  • Note on Masterworked: Master-work can also improve the length of time by adding +1 turns to the 1d6 die roll however, the crafter has to choose between longer effect or a more powerful effect. The price increases by an additional $1000 for ever Tech or Masterwork level.

Restorative Concoction: The Restorative Concoction helps restore a targets Ability damage. This doesn't remove any effects that a Character may have that can cause ability damage. However this can be used to help keep a Character alive while they suffer through ability damage effects. This provides 1d4 worth of a specific damage type points back.

  • Note on Masterworked: Masterworked implies that the effected person can roll twice and take the higher roll to restore health. There are no other bonuses for this Concoction.

Booster: A very powerful and dangerous drug that is used to enhance a characters abilities. People that use the drug are considered 'Boosted'. The drug can have multiple types of effects. The main one is enhancing ones Ability Score. Boosters can provide +1 per Tech Level started at Tech 2. They can also be targeted to enhance particular Talents, Techniques, Psionics, or Mutant powers. It provides Advantage or higher Die Level or longer lasting effects at the Crafters digression. Once taken it only lasts for 30 seconds or 10 rounds.

However there are side effects. Once the effects where off the Character is considered Fatigued. If done again they are exhausted. If they are already one of these effects it simply gets worse. If they take it after already being exhausted they pass out after the effects wear off. Each time a Booster drug is taken the Player has to roll a Wisdom saving throw with a DC14 to check if they become temporarily addicted. If they do not take a supplement within 24 hours they become sickened. They will either have to suffer 1d4 days of being sickened or else take another booster or supplement. (The supplement just helps ease the pain of the addiction while providing no benefit.)

If a Character takes a Booster while being addicted to the substance they have to roll a Constitution Save of DC12 or else take 1 Permanent Con damage.

Neutrad: A chemical found in many first aid kits, neutrad is a special hypodermic injection that can be used to neutralize the effects of radiation poisoning. Each neutrad injector contains a specialized analyzer linked to chemical generators. When the needle penetrates the skin of the target, it samples the target’s blood and sends the data back to the analyzer, which determines the nature of the radiation sickness and generates an antidote from stored chemical compounds. Once the neutrad delivers its specially formulated chemicals, the target character is completely cured of the radiation poisoning and its effects in 1d4 hours.

Sporekill: A chemical found in many first aid kits, sporekill is a special hypodermic injection that can be used to neutralize the effects of most diseases. Each sporekill injector contains a specialized analyzer linked to chemical generators. When the needle penetrates the skin of the target, it samples the target’s blood and sends the data back to the analyzer, which determines the nature of the disease and generates an antidote from stored chemical compounds. Once the sporekill delivers its specially formulated chemicals, the target character is completely cured of the disease and its effects in 1d10 hours. Some genetically engineered diseases are created to circumvent sporekill chemical, and are unaffected by this piece of gear.

Rocket-X: A drug that is both beneficial and highly dangerous, boost functions as a temporary adrenaline-enhancer. A single injection of boost grants the character an Advantage bonus to Strength and Dexterity saves, and increases the character’s movement speed by 10 feet. These effects last for 1 minute (20 rounds).

Unfortunately, the side effects of boost almost outweigh the benefits. For one, the chemical is addictive and can alter the perceptions of a character so that she thinks she cannot live without a dose of the drug. Additionally, repeated use of boost has debilitating effects on the body’s immune and nervous systems.

Each time a character uses a dose of boost, she has a 10% chance of suffering an Disadvantage penalty to her Dexterity and on Constitution saves. These penalties last for 24 hours.

If the character uses the drug again before recovering from these penalties, the penalties increase and the recovery time extends for an additional 24 hours. For example, if a character uses another dose of boost while still under the effect of the penalties, the character suffers a double Disadvantage penalty to Dexterity and Constitution saves, and the recovery time increases to 48 hours.

Regenerative Concoction: This acts just like the "Healing Concoction" except that it starts at Tech 2 instead of Tech 1. So its range of healing is 1d6 through 1d10. The other difference is that instead of multi dice it is multiple turns. The number of turns acts like the number of dice from "Healing Concoction" when it comes to price and crafting level. An example would be instead of a 4d10 Healing Concoction (which requires 5 Ranks in Pharmaceuticals to craft and is Tech 3, cost $3,400 / 1) it would be a 1d10 Regenerative Concoction that lasts for 4 turns. (Which requires 6 ranks in Pharmaceuticals to craft and is Tech 4, however, the cost is still $3,400 / 1).

Antitox: A chemical found in many first aid kits, antitox is a special hypodermic injection that can be used to save the life of any character infected with a poison. Each antitox injector contains a specialized analyzer linked to chemical generators. When the needle penetrates the skin of the target, it samples the target’s blood and sends the data back to the analyzer, which determines the nature of the poison and generates an antidote from stored chemical compounds. Once the antitox delivers its specially formulated chemicals, the target character is completely cured of the poison and its effects in 1d6 rounds. (Usually longer then the poison lasts, or doing that time the Character gains advantage to save against it)

Biocort: Biocort is a unique chemical compound that enhances the human body’s natural ability to heal. Biocort pushes the immune system into overdrive, and can cause the character to heal from grievous wounds at a greatly increased rate. Any character injected with biocort heals at twice the normal rate for a 24-hour period. These means natural healing that happens when a Character rests is twice as effect. And that Characters gain advantage while in Long/Short Term Care.

Truthtell: Truthtell is a specially formulated chemical that targets areas of the brain that handle creativity and, particularly, lying. By temporarily neutralizing these areas of the brain, truthtell makes it impossible for a character to lie while under the drug’s influence.

A character injected with truthtell may make a Will save (DC 18) to negate its effects. On a failed save, the character is compelled to speak truthfully for the next 3d10 minutes. A subject under the effect of truthtell is aware of its influence and may still refuse to answer questions.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Crafting Type: Varies. However when in doubt the Game Master can deiced. Its best to focus on the most distinctive feature of the object and not all of its other components.

These are items that are hard to categorize. They are placed here as they can be necessary for any adventure to have with them.

Miscellaneous Equipment
Object Size Weight Crafting
Procure Diff
--- Tech Level -1/0 ----
--- Tech Level 1 ----
Fake ID Fine Language Skill See text / 2
Grappler tag Tiny 1 lb. Mechanical $50 / 0
Handcuffs: Steel Tiny 1 lb. Mechanical $35 / 1
Handcuffs: Zip-tie Dim 0.5 lb. Mechanical $15 / 0
Lock Release Gun Tiny 0.5 lb. Mechanical $75 / 1
Multi Purpose Tool Tiny 0.5 lb. Mechanical $15 / 0
--- Tech Level 2 ----
Flash-seal Tiny 1 lb. Chemical $500 / 1
Jetpack Large 35 lb. Mechanical $10,000 / 1
Nanobeacon Fine - Electronic $1,500 / 1
Shepherd chip Fine - Electronic $15,000 / 1
--- Tech Level 3 ----
Force Field Emitter Small 5 lb. Electronic $15,000 / 1
Gravity Tether Small 2 lb. Structure $1,500 / 1
Hologram Player/Recorder Small 2 lb. Electronic $500 / 0
Piercing Visor Small 1 lb. Mechanical $2,000 / 2
Mobile Powerpack Medium 3 lb. Electronic $1,500 / 0
Neural Scrambler Small 1 lb. Electronic $4,000 / 2
--- Tech Level 4 ----
Hologuise Small 1 lb. Electronic $100,000 / 2
Personal Force Field Small 4 lb. Electronic $75,000 / 2
Polyvox Tiny 0.5 lb. Electronic $60,000 / 1

Fake ID: Purchasing a falsified papers from a black market source can produce mixed results, depending on the skill of the forger. A forger has to know the Language with a Rank of 3. Any lower and they take disadvantage when rolling. They also gain a bonus based on the Rank of a Knowledge skill that applies. For fake government papers this would be Knowledge Civics. When a character purchases a fake ID, the GM secretly makes a Language check for the forger adding any Knowledge bonuses, which serves as the DC for the opposed check when someone inspects the fake ID. The cost of a fake ID is $2,000 + $200 per each rank in the forger's Language skill or Knowledge bonuses. Procure Diff is usually 2 sometimes 3 depending on the type of ID.

Grappler Tag: Often used in conjunction with Rope or Duracable the grappler tag is a small disc roughly six inches in diameter. When placed against a solid surface, the grappler tag attaches to that surface by magnetism (if the surface is ferrous) or by an array of nearly microscopic metal barbs (if not). The tag can then be attached to duracable and used as an anchor for climbing, pulling, or any other purpose. A button on the top of the disc releases the grappler tag’s hold.

  • In-Game Bonuses: When using Rope/Duracable to assist climbing the climbing speed is doubled and the Character gains advantage for any checks for possibly falling. Grappler tag can provide advantage bonuses when a Character is attempting to setup a rope to climb/scale something. GM's discretion.

Handcuffs: Handcuffs are restraints designed to lock two limbs—normally the wrists—of a prisoner together. They fit any Medium-size or Small human or other individual that has an appropriate body structure.

  • Steel: These heavy-duty cuffs have hardness 10, 10 hit points, a break DC of 30 and require a Disable Device check (DC 25) or Sleight of Hands check (DC 35) to remove without the key.
  • Zip-Tie (x25): These are single-use disposable handcuffs, much like heavy-duty cable ties. They have hardness 0, 4 hit points and a break DC of 25. They can only be removed by cutting them off (Disable Device and Sleight of Hands checks automatically fail).

Lock Release Gun: This small, pistol-like device automatically disables cheap and average mechanical locks (DC 15 or below that are Mechanical in nature) operated by standard keys (no Disable Device check necessary). However this makes a noise and leaves behind evidence as the lock is permanently damaged. Also the device itself can only be used once. It is meant to be disposed of or else be possibly used as evidence.

Multipurpose Tool: This device contains several different screwdrivers, a knife blade or two, can opener, bottle opener, file, short ruler, scissors, tweezers and wire cutters. The whole thing unfolds into a handy pair of pliers. The tool is useful for certain tasks, as determined by the GM, but may not be useful in all situations.

-Note: This tool eliminates any penalty for using Craft (electronics/mechanical/structural) without a tool kit, but will not give a bonus.

Flash-Seal: Flash-seal looks like a block of metal roughly the size of a thin brick. It attaches to any door frame or other surface. When activated, chemical compounds inside the block of metal burn fast and hot enough to melt the metal into a liquid form. Almost instantaneously, a second chemical compound freezes the molten metal back into its solid state. The result is that the metal melts, sinks into the space between the door and its frame, and then solidifies again, essentially welding the door shut or any other space. A door that has been flash-sealed may not be opened by normal means and must be destroyed or cut through as though it were a wall.

Jetpack: A jetpack consists of a backpack and fuel cells capable of producing powered flight for up to 10 minutes. At Tech 3 its 2 Hours. Tech 4 its 12 hours. A character equipped with a jetpack can fly at a speed of 40 feet (Tech 2) (Tech 3: 60ft/Tech 4:80ft) (good maneuverability). Replacement fuel cells cost $500 no matter the Tech Level. The user of the Jetpack cannot be wearing Heavy or Clunk armor and takes disadvantage on accuracy checks and strength saving throws.

Nanobeacon: An invaluable device used in tracking and search and rescue, the nanobeacon is a small microchip that is placed on a target’s body (or on an object). It sends out a pulse every second that can be detected by sensors attuned to the beacon’s frequency. The device can be disabled by default and enabled by the wearer if they want to signal they are in danger. The nanobeacon projects its pulse at up to a 500 mile radius, each nanobeacon with its own unique identification code. Nanobeacons are often used to coordinate combat squads, track wanted criminals, and even to help recover kidnapped or lost children. A beacon can be placed on any character or object by making a simple touch attack against the target. They can also allow a wearer to be easily targeted by beaming technology.

Shepherd Chip: The shepherd chip is a tiny microchip implanted beneath the surface of the wrist. It is an advanced version of the naobeacon that contains the bearer’s identification information and even vitals. Some computers can read the shepherd chip and extract its information, while all shepherd chips can be made to receive another person’s identification information via handshake—once a mere method of greeting, the handshake becomes a permanent way to introduce oneself and clearly identify yourself to another person. Of course, the shepherd chip can be made to keep the wearers information private.

Some governments use shepherd chips (occasionally combined with nanobeacons) to monitor the activities of their citizens. This oppressive, watchful eye of the government is exactly what opponents of the shepherd chip fear. Additionally, a black market for forged or stolen shepherd chips emerged as soon as the chips themselves became widespread, making identity theft and falsification an ever-present crime in some communities.

Some private wealthy citizens may use them as a way to help protect themselves and there families. They may have then installed on their children to protect against kidnapping and such.

Force Field Emitter: This large grenade like object is thrown on the ground during emergencies and provides a buffer against harm. They created a 10ft circle of protection. They provide a 25 Hit Points. Once the HP runs out the device is useless and is damaged beyond repair. They cannot be picked up once they are activated. Each level of Masterworked or Up Teching provides either an additional 5ft of protection or 5 HP and adds an additional $5,000 of cost.

Gravity Tether : Replacing duracable and the grappling tag, the grappling tether is another application of gravity technology put to practical use. The gravity tether is a beam of pure gravity energy, up to 200 feet in length, fired from a metal tube as a focused beam of warped spacetime.

While activated a person can jump into the focused beam and fall up onto the other end of the beam. Or the beam can drag down whatever it targeted. If the target is a person they have to make a opposing Strength check with the person holding the Gravity Tether. Whoever whens pulls the other toward them.

Hologram Player/Recorder: A hologram player is a small disc with several small light projectors arranged around its outer edge. When activated, the device projects a three-dimensional image in full color as small as three inches in height or as large as a Medium-size character. The hologram player can be hooked into a hologram recorder (capable of storing three-dimensional images). It also has a recorder attached and can be used to record a person for two way communication or be used to record a scene.

Hologram communications are considered a respectable and almost necessary way to communicate. Especially for the wealthy and elite.

Piercing Visor: The piercing visor allows a person to see through solid objects. Through a combination motion-sensor data, gravity fluctuations, ambient light penetration, x-rays and ultraviolet light, heat and infrared signatures, sound waves and sonar, and other sensory inputs, the visor creates an accurate computer-rendered image of what lies beyond intervening objects. Any character wearing a piercing visor may, as a simple action, activate the visor’s sensors and see through a wall, floor, object, or creature at a range of up to 100 feet.

The visor can penetrate 6 inches of metal (except lead, which it cannot see through) and 1 foot of other materials, including concrete, wood, and plaster. Most common shielding blocks this Visor though.

Mobile Powerpack: The power backpack is essentially a portable generator. It is shielded and extra durable as to be a dependable backup solution when normal power systems fail. It can be used to power equipment that requires energy when normal energy systems have failed. Examples of use could be to temporarily power a computer system, or a powered door that wont open and so on

Neural Scrambler: The neural scrambler is a restraint device used by many law enforcement agencies in the place of physical restraints such as handcuffs. The neural scrambler consists of a six-pronged device that, when placed over the head, interrupts brainwave activity. A character wearing a neural scrambler may not take any actions whatsoever, though she moves her normal speed under the command of another individual. When the neural scrambler is removed, the Character rolls a Wisdom Saving throw with a DC of 18. If the Character fails she has no knowledge of events that took place while she was restrained. Succeeded she can recoil bits and pieces.

  • NOTE: Any species with the Hive Mind attribute can attempt to resist the Neural Scrambler with a Wisdom saving throw DC15. Once every 20 minutes. (Cannot take 20) If successful the character is not paralyzed but instead is Dazed. Hive Mind species will also remember everything within minutes of being released. Robotic characters are immune to this.

Hologuise: The hologuise is a combination hologram projector and digital imaging computer system that is worn like a headband over the forehead. When activated, the hologuise projects a three-dimensional image over the face that completely obscures the character’s natural features. This image is commonly a different face, but can be a black veil or some other decorative image instead. With practical and fashionable uses, hologuises are employed by the wealthy elite as well as by criminals and spies.

  • In-Game Bonuses: An active hologuise grants the wearer a +6 equipment bonus on all Disguise checks.

Personal Force Field: Worn as a large belt around the west this shield emitter surrounds a medium sized person. The person cannot be wearing Heavy/Clunky armor. The shield uses a Fuel Cell ($10,000 3-pack) that runs out after 3 rounds of being fully active. It can be activated as a Free action however it takes one Full Round before it actually starts to protect the wearer while any enemy will notice the sound and flash it makes as it starts to warm up. Replacing the Fuel Cell takes a Full Round action and cannot be done faster.

  • In-Game Bonuses: While fully active it provides the wearer with +4 Total DR. +1 DR for each level of Mastworked. Each level of Mastworked adds $40,000 to the cost. Fuel Cells can be Mastworked but only too +1. A mastworked Fuel Cell costs $10,000 per cell and provides 4 rounds of use instead of 3.

Polyvox: The polyvox translates the languages of different cultures and species with extreme accuracy. Both written and spoken. It can also learn different dialects, slang, and accents fairly quickly. If paired with a Neural Link it can auto translate to the point where the person appears to be speaking in the Character native language.


Looking for Weapons? Go the the weapons page here.

Looking for Armor? Go the armor page here.

Looking for traps, sensors, explosives and such? They are found on the weapons page Grenades and Traps. You may want to look at the Making your Own Explosives section.

Looking for Space Ships and all there Equipment? The Space Ships page is where you should start.

Want to hurry up and play without having to pick out all your gear? Go the the next section below. The Starter Packs section can provide starter kits for Characters.

Starter Packs

There are suggestions as to what Starter Packs to pick from based on either the Advance Classes a Player wants to be and/or the Professions they pick. Professions can also provide additional equipment on top of these packs. Feel free to add more items beyond these suggestions. Just make sure you do not spend more money. Consult the GM on what items are available at the start of the game.

Businessman’s Pack
- Briefcase, Secure Wallet, Clothing Outfit Business x3, Clothing Outfit Formal x1, Computation Device, Remote Communications, Urban Map (Of starting location)
Doctor's Pack
- Backpacks, Secure Wallet, Clothing Outfit Business x2, Uniform x1, Camera (Used to record patient visits), Computation Device, Remote Communications, First Aid Kit (2 uses), Medkit (10 uses), Urban Map (Of starting location), Medical Scanner, Healing Concoction x3 1d6 / x1 1d8, Pill Capsules (10-Pack), Syringe (5-Pack), Neutrad x1.
Explorer's Pack
- Large Range Pack, Clothing Outfit Clothing Outfit x3, Outerwear x3, Windbreaker, Remote Communications, Camera (small attachable to person), Search-and-Rescue Kit, Range Finding Binoculars, Directed Light Source, Emergency Light Source (5-Pack), Compass, Rural or Terran Map (Of local, or nearest, or character's desired detestation), Star Map (Of local sector), Rope, Rations(Tech 1) x2 (5 day pack), Purifier, Environment Scanner.
Official's Pack
- Briefcase, Secure Wallet, Clothing Outfit Business x2, Formal x3, Casual x1, Computation Device, Remote Communications, Pill Capsules x3 (Crafted with Healing Concoction 1d6), Shepherd Chip (optional), Hologram Player/Recorder
Outlaw's Pack
- Aluminium Travel Case (Small), Small Backpack, Clothing Outfit Casual x4, Remote Communications, Comms Interceptor, Pick between (Disguise Kit, Forgery Kit or Lock Picking Kit), Face Mask, Rations (Tech 1) (5 day pack), Pick between (Fake ID DC13, Lock Release Gun).
Settler's Pack
- Aluminium Travel Case (Medium), Secure Wallet, Clothing Outfit Casual x3, Uniform x1, Windbreaker, Remote Communications, Pick one: (Demolitions Kit, Electrical Tool Kit, Evidence Kits, Mechanical Tool Kit, Pharmacist Kit), Pick one: (Rural Map, Star Map), Rations(Tech 1) (5 day pack), Multipurpose Tool.
Technician's Pack
- Contractor's Field Bag, Secure Wallet, Clothing Outfit Casual x2, Uniform x2, Tool Belt, Computation Device, Remote Communications, Pick one: (Chemist Kit, Electrical Tool Kit, Mechanical Tool Kit), Directed Light Source, Environment Scanner, Duct Tape, Duracable.

All Characters should also have at least one small Weapons, and some simple Armor.

Customization And Upgrades

Items can be updated either by improving the craftsmanship or by using the Gadget system (Under Construction). Below are the rules associated with Masterwork and Up Teching items.

There are two forms of improvement.

  1. Have the item Masterworked/ This has to be done at the time that the item is first Crafted and it implies that the item is built using the best equipment, talent, and parts for its Tech level. This can provide the item with a single improvement.
  2. Improving an item's Tech Level IE: (Up Teching). However an item must first be Masterworked in order to improve its Tech Level.

In order to upgrade an Item the Character must have a ranks in the Craft skill associated with the item. To Masterwork an item the cafter has to a craft Rank of 3. In order to upgrade an items Tech Level the Craft rank must be 3 + (Number of Tech Levels the item is being upgraded too). The Character must also have the same or higher Rank in Tech as the Tech Level the item is being upgraded too.

Each improvement to an item causes the Procure Difficulty to increase by 1 and thus the base price to increase in associated with the Procure rules here. This allows for a single improvement per Tech Level advancement. An item can be upgraded to a higher level by a Character with the correct Crafting and Tech level skill Ranks. There may be exceptions too this rule in the items description. An item cannot go down a Tech Level only up. If the goal is too decrease the price then the Item cannot receive any attribute changes. If an item is moved from Tech Level 4 to 5 it is considered Legendary and cannot go any higher. Its price is also quadrupled. If an item Proc Diff is 5 or above it is considered Legendary as well and cannot easily be sold or bought.


The Improvements can be to change the following aspects: Cost, Weight, Size or One of the Items bonus it provides.

  • Cost: If the goal is too adjust the cost this can only go down once. It reduces its cost be 1/2.
  • Weight: This reduces the weight by 1/2 each time.
  • Size: This can reduce the size increment down by one. This can only be done once.
  • Item Bonus: Items have all sorts of bonuses and in many cases multi bonuses. Each item description will state what it is. Anything can be adjusted by 1/2 round up. If the item doesn't have a bonus only shows features then this item cannot be upgraded in this way. Some items do have 'default' ways too upgrade them that may be described in the description of the category itself.