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Psionics is a rare and often misunderstood forum of Mutation. Although some species have some simple Psionic powers most people that have psionics are indeed mutants of some kind. Due to there rarity and association with mutations most Civilizations either deny they exists or wholly misunderstand them... or both. However most people, both those with psionic powers and those without them, are completely ok with ignorance. People are usually happy too leave that mysterious and dark part of life alone. However some are born with such strange gifts and struggle to either hide or get answers about there abilities.

If your Character has the misfortune or wonderful chance (depending on how you look at it) to be forced to explore there hidden talents they must first understand them. Like all intelligent species do when discovering something new the different Psionic 'gifts' have all be categorized into 6 different known abilities as shown below.

  • 'Common' Psionics:
1. Telepath
2. Psychokinesis
  • 'Energy' Psionics:
3. Aerokinesis
4. Geokinesis
5. Hydrokinesis
6. Pryokinesis

As the list shows there are 2 main categorizes each with different sub-categories. 'Common' Psionics are more common among communities of psionics and even some species have subtle manifestations of these powers. However common is a retaliative word. It is only common compared to the total known psionics in the Ring of Life of the Milky Way Galaxy. Psionics of all kinds are still fairly rare. Common is also a way to distinguish between Telepathic, Psychokinesis powers and powers that manipulate Nature/Energy.

Energy Psionics is just a way to group 4 different types of Psionic abilities that have to do with manipulating nature and energy. A Character that is an Energy Psionic just has a nack for energy manipulation and can learn how to manipulate different types of 'energies' or natural objects around them that are familiar with them. A Character may learn how to manipulate Fire/Heat,(Or the lack of energy/heat) and Air/Gases to great effect. And that doesn't restrict him from also learning how to manipulate Ground/Earth/Dirt and Water/Flowing Liquid. He can choose to focus on a particular type or set of types.

When creating a Character that has Psionic's the Player must choose either one of the Common Psionics: Telepath, Psychokinesis, or choose the Energy Psionic.

When a Player declares a Character has manifested Psionic powers they must sacrifice the next class level. They can still level up the Base Class but must ignore advancing Advance Classes, Prestige Classes and ArchTypes. The Character cannot ignore this penalty if when levelling up the Character doesn't qualify for any special classes (Advance, Prestige, ArchTypes). For example at level 1 the Character may not qualify for an Advance Class yet. At level 2 they qualify but then the Character must take the penalty and not take the 1st level in the special class till level 3.

Psionic's are categorized in levels. The higher the level the more powerful the psionic powers and the more often they can be used. This progression of Psionic levels and there use are very similar to using Techniques in this game. However in order to obtain levels the Character must take Mutation Drawbacks and spend the MP earned for each level. Each level also has its own restrictions.

Psionic Levels

Each Level has its own cost which is paid using Mutation Points earned by taking Drawbacks. Each Level also has a Character level restriction. This is to represent the time and effort spent learning ones self and getting better and honing the difficult use of psionics.

Table: Psionic Levels
Level Cost Level
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Level 1 2 Level 2+ 2 - - -
Level 2 3 Level 6+ 3 2 - -
Level 3 4 Level 10+ 4 3 2 -
Level 4 5 Level 16+ 5 4 3 2


Table: Telepath Psionics
Name Ability Affinity Summary
Level 1
Detect Psionics
Charm Person
Lesser Mindlink
Object Reading
Level 2
Brain Lock
Detect Thoughts
Inflict Pain
Psychic Impressions
Combat Precognition
Level 3
False Sensory Input
Lesser Domination
Mental Blast
Negate Psionics
Level 4
Forced Mindlink
Tailor Memory


Table: Psychokinesis Psionics
Name Ability Affinity Summary
Level 1
Far Hand
Control Object
Far Punch
Lesser Bioweapon
Level 2
Claws of the Bear
Force Push
Advanced Telekinesis
Level 3
Negate Psionics
Metaphysical Weapon
Force Slam
Telekinetic Screen
Level 4
Greater Bioweapon
Natural Armor
Force Constrict

Energy Psionics

Table: Energy Psionics
Name Element/Energy
Ability Affinity Summary
Level 1
Finger of Fire Fire Whatever your finger touches is dealt 1d4 per Psionic level of Fire damage
Fire Bolt Fire By pointing if your finger you can launch a bolt of fire with a range of 15ft (5ft per Psionic lvl), with 1d6 of fire damage.
Splash Water Target is now w
Slipper Ground Water
Ground Defence Earth
Rock Slam Earth
Air Bawl Air
Minor Air Manipulation Air
Minor Fire Manipulation Fire
Minor Water Manipulation Water
Minor Ground Manipulation Earth
Level 2
Burning Hands Fire
Water Whip Water
Bolder Earth
Minor Quack Earth
Decompression Air
Whirl Wind Air
Level 3
Whitefire Fire
Wave Control Water
Warping Grasp Water
Ground collapse Earth
Toronado Air
Advance Air Manipulation Air
Advance Fire Manipulation Fire
Advance Water Manipulation Water
Advance Ground Manipulation Earth
Level 4
Fire Storm Fire
Rock Crush Earth
Water Slam Water
Gas Bullet Air
Hurricane Air