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This page is a starting place for all the rules of the game. If you are new too Pen and Paper and roleplaying styles of games you may wish to review the New too P&P page. The page is also an excellent place to find vocabulary that is commonly used.

If you are a Player (Meaning you do not intend to run the game or be the storyteller), then it is recommended that you go to the Character Creation and Advancement page. The Character creation rules will bounce back and forth between different pages that help explain the rules of the game. You can review those pages on an as-needed basis. We provide a Character Sheet here!

After making a Character you may want to review concepts like Combat and Skills.

If you intend to run a game as the Game Master or GM (that means that you are the storyteller and manage the game for the players), then it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with all the pages under the 'Rules' category. A GM should also be familiar with all the different Skills and how they are used. You may then want to look at the pages under the 'Campaign Setting' section.

As you read on you may find sections that are in boxes like the one below. These are usually to explain something outside of the rules. For example, were to record something on a physical Character Sheet. Or perhaps a snippet of 'flavor text.'

Anything in this box-like format will be instructions for editing the Character sheet. 

Below is a full Table of Contents:

Table of Contents



Advanced Character Rules

Wealth and Equipment

Campaign Setting