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"World"/Map Setting:

Ok so I am just gonna explain the "geographic" concept. Obviously you cannot chart out a whole galaxy. Even just a few stars with planets could be difficult depending on how much detail. This is actually kinda cool. No matter how much detail I or anybody else spends on this galaxy setting there would still be more room for GMs to add there own unexplored worlds with there own races without having to change up the already canon world. Its like if Galarion never ended it just was one big flat plan that kept going and going and going.

So to start with my idea of how this Galaxy is shaped I will mention a few things. One I wanted it to be like the Milky Way. A spiral galaxy with Earth in one of its spirals. Have you ever heard of the goldilocks zone? In reference to space its the region around a star where life as we know it on Earth could form. In our solar system its fairly large and goes all the way to Mars and a little beyond. Now what if you applied that concept too a galaxy? What I mean is that if we go closer to the center of a galaxy the denser and hotter it would be. Things are flipping crazy at the center. There is even a epic massive black hole. Now if you go far far out near the edge you get the opposite. See what I am getting at? What if for the sake of our game I say that there was a galactic goldilocks zone in the Milky Way. Basically a circular region of space that the closer you get to the center of the Milky Way the less likely you are to find solar systems that could support life, and the same goes for the further out. The highest concentration of life being near the center of this circular region. Like a "Ring of Life" around the centerish of the Milky Way crossing the spirals. Earth and most if not all life giving planets are within the happy ring. And all the known species in our galaxy live within the Ring of Life. And to travel around the galaxy.. its best to just.. go around. Of course this takes FOREVER and in this world there are species including the Jove who have worm whole tech. So they can skip around.

Anywho this is just a thought. A very very generalized overview of what the galaxy as a whole will look like. I also want to focus one just ONE galaxy for the time being. Think of it kinda like the Inner Seas in Galarion there are also other books being written for the portions of the Galarion world as you already know. Other galaxies could mean all sorts of other possibilities that can be worked in after we tackle getting all this together.