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There are 4 main categories for species. Major/Minor/Advanced/Non-Playable Species. This page will focus on Major Species although it will mention others. There are 2 criteria that have to be meet in order to be a Major Species in the Future Path Galaxy.

  1. The Species has to be well traveled. For the majority of campaign settings, it should not be too odd for this species to be located in the starting area. This doesn't mean the species is everywhere in the galaxy or even in large numbers but that it shouldn't be too strange to find them in most corners of the galaxy.
  2. The Species either has to have made a major impact on the history of the Galaxy or they have a major role to play in Current Events.

Any species that doesn't meet both the above criteria are considered Minor Species. Non-Playable Species are deemed so by the creators because of how they fit with the story of Future Path or that they are no overpowered. A GM can override this rule and allow a Player to play a Non-Playable Species.

Major Species include

Humans, Volar, Graylings, Lepidonains, Cryous, Ovex, Aconians, Murids

Minor Species include

Sayor, Kurgian

Advanced Species include


Non-Playable Species include


Other Notes

  • The 'Main Home Worlds' Character Trait shows the homeworlds and are ordered by there importance to the species. The first one is almost certainly their place of birth.
  • The 'Tech Level' Character Trait is what sets the 'Tech Level' for the Character. To learn more about a Characters 'Tech Level' go here. To learn more about what the Tech Level means and how it applies to Civilization Process go here.


Humans have scattered after the first contact with aliens. Their homeworld Earth was torn apart by its inhabitants. Most of it a nuclear wasteland full of desperate survivors struggling to live off the monstrous landscape. Some dare to dream of the old world and try to bring back some of Humanities former glory. Others choose to hurdle themselves out into The Great Ring as refugees. They dared instead to hope. Hope that the Galaxy will be merciful and that the bounty of space would bring them wealth and prosperity. Many quickly learned that if you wish to survive, you must band together and be willing to take on the harsh reality of life in space.

Many other species see humans more stupid than clever. However, they can be incredibly useful and seen to have great potential if they could just get around some of those annoying human flaws. Greed and arrogance being high on the list. Most species see humans as more of a nuisance than anything else. Humans are willing to work hard and have a remarkable ability to adapt if given time.

For a complete history and narrative about Humans in The Great Ring Galaxy go to the Humans page.

Visiual Description

Humans are bipedal with two arms, two eyes. and hair on their heads. The hair, skin, and eyes can vary in color.

Character Traits

  • Mammal, bipedal
  • Average Height Male: 5' 10 (177 cm)
  • Average Height Female: 5' 5 (163 - 164 cm)
  • Average Life Span: 80 - 85 years
  • Size: Medium
  • Main Home Worlds: Earth, Mars, Proxima b, Venus
  • Tech Level: starts out as 1.

Bonus Traits

  1. Diversity: Relocate any one Attribute Point or declare any one Skill a Class Skill.
  2. Bonus Feat (Misc only) at level 1
  3. Bonus Skill point at level 1 (Cannot be a Knowledge Skill)


Humans lack formal relations with other species. They are scattered amongst the stars and have no single government that represents them. A coalition of Corpocracies that rule over most humans back on Earth and Mars are the closest things to a government humans have. Therefore most humans that find themselves in the greater galaxy have no formal government to represent them. Most other Species treat humans on a case by case bases and normally find them to be a nuisance.


Volar is short for Victarians however most species including the Victarians simply call themselves Volar. The word Volar in their language stands for Mother, and that is what the Volar called their homeworld Volar. This shows there deep connection and respect to the beautiful and massive Volar planet. Volar are often found traveling in groups and a stray Volar is almost never considered a stranger to another Volar. They don't stay in one place for too long as all Volar prefer to travel back too there homeworld as often as possible. Volar that are born outside of the home planet can be outcasts within their own society. A Volar can usually tell when another wasn't born in 'The Mothers Womb'. A Volar that finds themselves in this situation may attempt to spend as much time with 'Mother Planet' in order to cover up this embarrassing truth. This strong feeling of contempt against 'unbirths' is an odd contrast to the otherwise accepting and loving nature of Volars to not only to each other but to all life.

For a complete history and narrative about the Volar go to the Volar page.

Visiual Description

A Volar has no hair although some can have a leafy like substitute on there head and shoulders. All have a bud on their head that is normally small and hidden but can bloom on command (see Nauseous Bloom Bonus Traits), this also flowers whenever a Volar is looking to reproduce. Their skin color can vary from a range of light colors. Such as Light (Green/Blue/Yellow/Red/Orange). A Volar usually has dark spots and sometimes patterns where their primary color is of a different shade. These spots increase over time as they age.

Character Traits

  • Plant, bipedal
  • Average Height Asexual: 4' 8 (~146 - 167 cm)
  • Average Life Span: 90 - 100 years
  • Size: Medium
  • Main Home Worlds: Volar, Victar, Excentus Prime, Excentus Beta
  • Tech Level: starts out as 2

Bonus Traits

  1. Loses one point on Dexterity, Gains one point on Wisdom
  2. Common Bond: Volar can communicate uses pheromones in an almost 'psychic' link to other Volar within roughly 120ft even if they are not in view. They can only share feelings and flashes of thoughts. However, this means that if more then one Volar are close to each other and are allies they gain an advantage bonus against Mind Effecting conditions/techniques.
  3. Nauseous Blooms: Once per day a Volar can expel nauseous gases as self-defense. They can target a person within 30 feet or produce a 15-foot radius cloud of gas around themselves. The ranged attack is considered a ranged touch attack and the cloud lasts for 1d4 + 1/4th Character level round up turns. Anyone that breaths the air or get hit by the attack have to take a Constitution Saving throw of a DC12 + Conn Mod + 1/4th Character level round down. If they fail the throw, they become Nauseated for 1d4 + 1/4th Character level round downturns. They have to re-roll for every turn they are within the radius. If they fail critically or twice in a row then they become Sickened.
  • Note: A Volar can choose to excrete this in the form of a liquid instead of using it as a defensive. The liquid becomes inert in 12 hours unless it is Crafted. Craft Chemical (DC10) will concentrate it into a Poison with the same effect while Craft Pharmaceutical (DC10) will create an antidote that can be used to avoid the effects. Once crafted the item is good for up to 7 days.
  1. Rapid Re-Growth: As long as the Volar is in well lighted and healthy conditions for a plant and taking a full day to rest the Volar can rapidly heal. Restoring 100% of health in just one-night of rest. They also gain an advantage to recover from sickness, poisons, and diseases every day they are resting.


Volar have only been on the galactic stage for a few thousand years. But in that time they have made a reputation for being excellent students of alien biology and has shaken up the terraforming galactic business. One the Greylings had until recently a strong standing with. Volar scientists and engineers are paid well to observe and advice a terraforming project. This in part has propelled Volar as a galactic species of some importance. Most Major and Minor species look to expand by taking once dead or uninhabitable worlds and make them more suitable for themselves. Although most Volar consider it taboo to try to alter an already 'living' planet to benefit a foreign species instead opting to adapt to that environment by genetics.

Graelycxazshngs (aka Graylings)

Due to their strange name and the race’s staunch insistence upon the proper pronunciation of it, most other beings have taken to referring to Graelycxazshngs as Graylings because of its similar sound, being easier on the tongue, and its reference to the greyish color of Grayling skin. Many Graylings are aloof or distrustful of others outside their race because of the negative stigma attributed to their kind. Graylings are still extremely curious and inquisitive actively pursuing knowledge and discovery. They are abnormally efficient at using there minds and value intelligence and logic over brute strength or speed.

Whether out of a desire to redeem their race’s reputation in the eyes of others or to indeed contribute to preserving and expanding knowledge Graylings put a massive emphasize on education and the sciences. Physically, graylings are approximately three feet tall with a large head and prominent black eyes. While extremely intelligent and skilled in the fields of science and engineering, graylings are physically weaker in comparison to most other races resulting in their bodies being more susceptible to trauma. Their home planet is very arid and dry, with gravity closer to Mars for comparison. It circles a Red Dwarf and due to a larger and thicker atmosphere gets more diffused sunlight. This means most graylings try to avoid overexposure to humidity and liquids and light radiation as it is said to have disastrous effects on their skin. They also commonly wear supportive gear to deal with gravity being higher on most other planets.

For a complete history and narrative about the Graelycxazshngs go to the Graylings page.

Visiual Description

Graylings are named such for there gray skin. They have short of stature and have large dark eyes. However, most graylings love to tattoo their skin and even incorporate dyes to adjust the pigment of the skin to create colorful patterns. A common practice by most Graylings long before they could travel the stars. Likely due to the easy way their skin pigment can be influenced. It is common to see almost naked Grayling with an ornate design covering the majority of there exposed skin. They lack hair and their skin often appears to shine like it was wet as their homeworld is extremely humid and a Graylings natural habitat is swap lands.

Character Traits

  • Mammal, bipedal
  • Average Height Male and Female: 3' 2 (~91 cm)
  • Average Life Span: 180 - 210 years
  • Size: Small
  • Main Home Worlds: Cxazshngs, Curvilinea Prime, Eugen
  • Tech Level: starts out as 3

Bonus Traits

  1. At level two a Grayling gains Level 1 Psionic powers for free.
  2. Lose two in Strength, gain two in Intelligence.
  3. Lose one in Dexterity, choose between Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma to add an ability point.
  4. Choose any one Knowledge skill and add a +1 Misc bonus too it.
  5. Choose any Crafting Skill to be a Class Skill of your base class.


A truly Tech 3 civilization that in some ways is on the brink of Tech 4 is, of course, noted for there technology. Different civilizations pay enormous amounts of money to be able to buy Greying tech. They still stand as the most successful Planet Engineers forming planets many people find to difficult to adjust. They produce the finest weapons and warships except for perhaps the Jove and have the worlds largest Cloning and Mind transportation network. The Grayling Empire stopped it's expanse early in comparison to many other species attempts at Empire and thus is small like there statue. However, because of this relationship with other nations is all around the best. Nobody wants to piss off a Grayling and everybody wants to buy what Graylings have to offer.


A mischievous species. The Lepidonains have long held believes that they have the key to utopian society and it is their job to bring peace, stability, and civilization to the obviously weaker species. This pompous and ignorant attitude toward others isn't common among species of the Ring of Life, but usually, if it exists at all, it goes away as the young space fairing civilization begins to interact with others. However, for the Lepidonains, this is not the case. Perhaps it is the more hermit-like way of shutting themselves out from the rest of the galaxy that has to lead to the unnaturally long-held beliefs. Either case in recent years this attitude from their government at least appears to have changed.

One of Lepidonains first great conflicts with a genuinely equal species was with the Cryous. This war broke both nations. However, over time Lepidonains have rebuilt. Now they are looking at expansion but with more peaceful means. Or so it appears. They have become more friendly with trade and with the rest of the major Galactic Civilizations. However, Lepidonains have a conniving side, and many people in the past have been burned by the deals they make with Lepidonains.

Visiual Description

Lepidonains are reptilian and come from Lepidon Prime which is a mostly desert planet. They are accustomed to the heat and a large sun making long hot days. They have small horns protruding from there scale skin especially where there are joints. Their skin is a mix of different dark grey and green colors. Their necks are broad and from behind looks like all one part of the back, neck, and head. Most have a stubby tail. Some from other planets have pale scales and are shorter.

Character Traits

  • Reptilian, bipedal
  • Average Height Male: 6' 2 (~189 cm), Female: 4' 6 (~137 cm)
  • Average Life Span: 110 - 130 years
  • Size: Medium
  • Main Home Worlds: Lepidon Prime, Lepidon Beta, Lepidon Gamma, Abrah Alpha
  • Tech Level: starts out as 2

Bonus Traits

  1. Claws: The reptilian claw-like hands can be used for a dual claw melee attack. At level one they are dual attacks at 1d4 with a critical of x2. At level 5 they go up to 1d6. At level 10 they go up to 1d8 and have a crit range of 19-20. At level 15 they go up to 1d10. At level 20 they go up to 1d12, and critical is now x3. They are considered Natural weapons which are always considered to be a Light weapon when dealing with Extra Damage/Bonus Attacks.
  2. Toughness against Thermal (Heat damage)
  3. Weakness against Thermal (Cold damage)
  4. Lose one Dexterity, but gain 2 points to spend between Strength, Constitution or Intelligence.
  5. They gain a +1 Misc bonus to either Bluff or Intimidate skill.


The Lepidonains view themselves as a rising star in the void of the galaxy. The only thing hindering there rise are the Cryous. Thus Lepidonains have had a long-standing grudge against there rival. Humans are also on the board of Lepidonain space and Lepidonains see them as an opportunity to spread their way of life. They are private people who often exhibit xenophobic tendencies although most of that is motivated from a sense of self-superiority and a belief that since they believe they have the right to rule the galaxy so must all other sentient species.


An amphibious species the Cryous are part of a once-thriving empire. They were challenged by the Lepidonains. The war left both worse for wear. Most people think what kept the Cryous from total defeat was their tenacity to survive under all sorts of unspeakable conditions. If the surface was in trouble, then go under water. The Cryous were not just good at escaping death they were also good at delivering it. The Cryous have a 6th sense for the electromagnetic spectrum and can even use their body to create an electromagnetic shock wave. Which is something their species evolved to do eons ago. They used this to there advantage in combat and are known for creating the Electro-Mancer suit.

Cryous now no longer hold an empire and only rule for a dozen solar systems. Their enemy Lepidonains have done much better to recover from there great conflict. Ever fearful that after so many years the Lepidonains will come back to finish them off the Cryous government has become more cautious, territorial and even aggressive. Hoping not to show signs of weakness.

Visiual Description

Cryous are Amphibian and are apods. In the place of feet, they walk using their bodies in a Serpentine or with a Rectilinear motion. The Cryous are different shades of blue. However, the most common is pale blue. The darker blue skin appears on Cryous that spend a lot of time in extreme depths of oceans or other high-pressure environments. This is sometimes a good indication of where they were born. Cryous also have 4 arms. Although their lower pair of arms are much smaller and weaker and are used for simple tasks. They also have gills which are located on the sides of their necks.

Character Traits

  • Amphibian, Apod (Serpentine or Rectilinear Motion)
  • Average Height Male: 2' 10 (~88 cm), Female: 5' 6 (~168 cm)
  • Average Life Span: 140 - 150 years
  • Size: Medium (Female) / Small (Male)
  • Main Home Worlds: Cryous Prime, Cryous Beta.
  • Tech Level: starts out as 2

Bonus Traits

Female Specific Traits:

  1. Tough Skinned: Natural DR of 3 against Electric attacks.
  2. Natural Eletric Attack: Natural 1d6 + Advantage Die Touch based Electric Attack. Only possible when in a grapple.

Male Specific Traits:

  1. Tough Skinned: Natural DR of 1 against Electric attacks.
  2. Natural Eletric Attack: Natural 1d4 + Advantage Die Touch based Electric Attack. Only possible when in a grapple.
  3. Gains Natural AC bonus of +1 because of Size

Traits for Both:

  1. Loose 1 in Charisma, choose between Intelligence, Wisdom, or Constitution to add an ability point.
  2. Speed is -5 ft.
  3. Swim and Climb speed is the same movement speed.
  4. Can breathe underwater.
  5. Immune to the Trip Combat Technique.
  6. If grappled a Cryous gains advantage to reverse the grapple.



The Ovex or Ov as some groups call them are Sentient Artificial Life Forms. A.I is illegal across the galaxy except for the Jove. Ovex is part of the reason. Ovex can vary greatly in size and by default look similar to the humanoid bipedal who originally built them. They can be built to shape other species and even where special out layer 'skin' that makes the appearance of flesh.

Ovex are known and feared across the galaxy. Because of this most Ovex that travel about wear a flesh-like outer layer and disguise themselves as a common sentient species. Ovex can instantly become aware of another Ovex nearby so they cannot hide from themselves. As part of 'Maturity' Ovex temporarily leave there home at least once to learn not just for themselves but also for the collective called The Nexus.

For a complete history and narrative about Ovex in The Great Ring Galaxy go to the Ovex page. They require there own Path. The player cannot pick a standard Character Path instead pick from Ovex Path. The Ovex can still have Advance Classes.

Visiual Description

By default, an Ovex is constructed with a body shape similar to there creators the Qelzuk. The Qelzuk looked similar to many bipedal, two-handed peoples. The Ovex outer layer is made of alloys and special plastics that provide a sharp and reflective surface of different shades of grey. In most cases, an Ovex that chooses to expose themselves to the goings on of the Ring are likely to disguise themselves with the appearance of a different species.

Character Traits

  • Robotic, bipedal
  • Average Height: N/A
  • Average Life Space: Infinite (in theory)
  • Size: Medium
  • Main Home Worlds: Unknown
  • Tech Level: starts out as 3

Bonus Traits

  1. Immune to poisons and mind-altering effects.
  2. Gets the Computer Use(Int) skill as a Class Skill automatically.
  3. Is required to use its special Ovex Path instead of the main 6 Character Paths.
  4. The Nexus: Ovex are considered semi-immortal. They can be instantly rebooted back at the Nexus. See rules about death here. However, if the character is against the Nexus or does something that the collective does not agree with they lose this feature. They can choose to come back looking like whatever they wish. However, they do not remember the last 72 hours before death, and they get rebooted inside of the Nexus not directly into another robotic body. So getting a new body and coming back to the party will take time. They also 'roll-back' a level and only have a minimal amount of XP for that level.



The average Aconian are short but bulky individuals who live for much longer then most mammals do. Their age gives them a unique view of history and the changing of the times. Most any Aconian will love to talk about history and current events and politics, or just about anything if they can find someone willing to listen. Many Aconian's, especially the older ones, come off as arrogant. However, they are usually slow to anger and willing to listen to other species if they have something interesting to say that is.

The Aconians are one of the oldest existing species. They have a long and deep history that stretches back before the First Encounter with the Jove. They are the only species to be still considered a major force on the Ring that was space fairing during the time of the Twin Empires. They have gone through 3 significant Dynasties where their power rose and feel only to rise again. However recently their government gave up its Empire to form a Republic. This in many ways has changed the power balance of the region of space. Its empire at its height ruled almost 12% of the Ring.

For a complete history and narrative about the Aconians go to the Aconians page.

Visiual Description

Shorter then most races except for the Murids the Aconians make it up for that in girth. They have long flowing hair that comes in all sorts of dark colors depending on where they were from. The older they are, the less color in there beards and hair. Their eyes are almost always a bright color even all-out white in appearance. Their planet has two stars, 3 moons, and the visual spectrum is very bright so it is harder for them to see in low light as their eyes are designed to reflect as much as it takes in.

Character Traits

  • Bipedal
  • Average Height: 4ft 5inch
  • Average Life Span: 600 years (Natural un-augmented life span: 240 years)
  • Size: Medium
  • Main Home Worlds: Aconia
  • Tech Level: starts out as 2

Bonus Traits

  1. Many worlds: Aconians come from a rich history and a massive empire. Pick a dozen Aconians out of a crowd, and likely they are from different types of worlds, and each learned from the environment. You gain the Planetary Adaption feat.
  2. Gain one +1 Misc bonus to any two Knowledge skills of your choosing.
  3. Choose between: Loosing 1 Strength or 1 Dexterity but then gain +1 to Constitution.



Humans call them 'Ratfolk' or 'Mice-people.' These furry little people are hardy and curious. They move quickly and out of the sight of most people. Their people were conquered long during the 3rd rise of the Aronian empire. However, over time they become invaluable members of the Third Dynasty, and once the Empire eventually became a Republic, the Murids became respected and powerful species within its ruling class. However, this only happened a few hundred years ago, and before that time little people outside of the Aconian Empire know of them. Therefore they are in many ways the new neighbor in town. Fiercely loyal to the Aconian Republic and ready to prove to anyone they are people you should not step on.

For a complete history and narrative about the Aconians go to the Murids page.

Visiual Description

Shortern then most other space fairing species the Murids are also one of the few to be covered in fur. Their eyes are smaller in proportion to there heads than most other species as well and they also enjoy walking on all fours as much as two. All this makes them a most unusual people. They have long noses and large ears that can twitch around to seek noise. Humans see them as large mice but Murids faces are flatter and they have more humanoid hands. Their fur is also shorter for there size and can easily be dyed which is a common thing among a younger generation of Murids.

Character Traits

  • Bipedal, or (optional Quadrupeds)
  • Average Height: 3ft 4inch
  • Average Life Span: 60 years
  • Size: Small
  • Main Home Worlds: Muridae
  • Tech Level: starts out as 2

Bonus Traits

  1. Strength Score minus 2
  2. Lose 1 point in Constitution but add one point in either Intelligence, Wisdom, or Dexitary.
  3. Gains Natural AC bonus of +1 because of Size
  4. Choose: Natural Builders or Curious People
    1. Natural Builders: Murids are known for there natural building skills. You gain the Builder feat.
    2. Curious People: Murids are often found learning more about the world around them. Gain the Studious feat.
  5. Squeak Speak: This ability allows them to communicate with each other using a high pitch voice that is hard to discern except by there own race. This allows them to communicate clearly in normally difficult and noisy situations.
  6. Darkvision: A Murid's eyes are tuned for dim rooms and pitch dark tunnels. In bright situations, they have to wear goggles that shade their eyes. However, they can see clearly in extremely low light situations.


Minor Species

  • Sayor: Sayor is a minor species in the Federation of Planets. A young government along the board between Lepidonain and Cryous space. For a complete history and narrative about the Sayor go to the Sayor page.
  • Kurgian: The Kurigian is another species in the Federation of Planets. However, they are one of the more important species that hold more influence and power in the Federation and there planet serves as the Capital of the Federation. For a complete history and narrative about the Kurgian go to the Kurgian page.

Advanced Species

Ask your GM before picking any of the following Species.

  • Tygerion: A living and thinking planet.

Non-Playable Species

This is a list of other species who roam or once roamed The Great Ring of life. These species are typically not playable. However, with GM's exception can be played. There exact rules for playing them are not laid out however and the Player and GM most agree on any possible bonuses each Species gets.

  • Jove
For a complete history and narrative about the Jove go to the Jove page.