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This site is still being worked on! This version is Alpha Two point Six. Please join the Discord Server:Discord Server or email: administrator@d20futurepath.com

What is The Future Path?

Future Path is a science fiction themed Pen and Paper role-playing game. It uses a modified version of the d20 system called d20+. It is inspired by d20 Modern, d20 Future and Pathfinder/PFSRD. The creators of Future Path wanted a game that embraced the Sci-Fi genre, incorporated cool technology, and included a whole galaxy for a Campaign Setting. They hope that Future Path becomes the best one-stop shop for any Sci-Fi pen and paper action! Get introduced to it all on the Introduction Story page or skip onward too the ruleset and spin up a character.

Already an experienced Pen and Paper gamer? For a short overview of what's different in this system click here.

Never played a Pen and Paper game before or a d20 system before? You can head over to the New To P&P page! From there you may want to check out the Getting Started page.

To start exploring visit the Table of Contents or simply use the sidebar to the left. (The sidebar is not part of the mobile website)

Table of Contents



Advanced Character Rules

Wealth and Equipment

Campaign Setting

The Future Path rules are licensed under the "Open Game License." We are not in any way associated with Pathfinder/PFSRD, Paizo or Wizards of the Coast. However, we do encourage you to visit these sites and check them out.